Going Loco; Promoting Local Businesses Through Video

Hussien, Ali, Amanda Guthrie, Ashley Blake, Dylan Buckley, Dereck Lawrence, Estia Scott, Lori Allan, and Michael Hnatiuk

DMS 1800 Introduction to Digital Media Studies, Fall 2011

“Going Loco” is a phrase often referring to ‘going crazy’, over the deep-end. The assignment for the students was to create videos about local businesses. A requirement of the project was to create videos that utilize successful video components of energy, pacing and image choice; com­posing the frame as well as the strategic placement of frames/video clips next to another (the ‘montage’; affecting the overall reading of the video by the placement of images next to each other). In short, having fun while creating serious videos about local businesses.

“Buying Local” is a phrase often referring to supporting local businesses through purchasing their goods. The intention of ‘buying local’ is to reduce greenhouse gases by limiting the distance of transporting products, for example from thousands of miles to a few miles. This effort saves the energy it would take to transport the goods. Buying Local is a good thing. The Detroit area is full of thriving, locally-owned and operated businesses that are trying to make a mark in the local economy and culture.

DMS 1800 students each created short (3-6 minutes) videos introducing the audience to local business & most impor­tantly, promoting that business. The videos are a merging of a trailer (in terms of length, energy & density), a commercial (in terms of promoting) and a documentary (in terms of describing the facts about the business).

The audience is the average consumer, some­one who lives locally but may not know anything about the selected company. Students researched precedent examples of professional commercials, documentaries and trailers; each student identifying those elements that are considered successful in terms of promoting the business and gaining attention for that business.