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2016 Jesuit Stipends

Two stipends are offered annually by the Jesuit community to encourage and support faculty in developing new courses, or substantially modifying current courses, to advance the Catholic Mission of UDM. Previously funded by the Jesuit 100 Association, these stipends are now funded solely by the Jesuit Community at UDM to promote the Catholic identity and spiritual values of the university as it prepares the future leaders of our community and the world.

Information provided as summary statements comes directly from the faculty's proposals.

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Finkenbine, Roy, and Gregory Sumner (2016)

Drs. Roy Finkenbine and Gregory Sumner proposed "HIS 4480/ MLS 5480 /Topics in African American History." In this team-taught immersion course, open to UDM undergraduates, graduates and interested faculty, staff, and alumni, students will travel together — physically and intellectually — through the landmarks of the southern Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968. By visiting these sites, and exploring what took place there, the course will bring the movement to life in all of its complexity and meaning; this will occur in a way not possible in a traditional classroom setting, and prompt students to reflect on contemporary questions of race and social justice. Drs. Finkenbine and Sumner are professors of History.

Weatherston, Rosemary (2016)

Dr. Weatherston's proposal "ENL 2350: Study of Fiction Directed Towards Undergraduate Student In the Health Care Professions," will have students read fictional works representing experiences of illness, caretaking, and practitioner/patient relationships as well as more general works of fiction. Students will study forms of literary analysis such as Narrative Medicine that will enable them to examine the role of storytelling in interpersonal relationships and the intersections between the domains of health care and narrative. Dr. Weatherston is an associate professor of English.

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