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Abraham, Kristen M, and Catherine H Stein. "Felt Obligation and Caregiving When Mom has a Mental Illness." Chicago, IL. October 2013
Abrams, Howard. "Problems of Termination Rights." Ann Arbor, MI. (2013)
Adla, Rawa, Nizar Al-Holou, Mohannad Murad, and Youssef Bazzi. "Automotive collision avoidance methodologies Sensor-based and ITS-based." Computer Systems and applications (AICCSA), the 2013 ACS International Conference. Morocco. May 2013
Amersdorfer, Alexandra A., Bryce A. Paradis, and Harold H. Greene. "How attention is distributed during visual search: An eye-tracking study." Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters. Holland, MI. 22 March 2013
Arnett, Margie. "Using Social Media for Smokeless Tobacco Education." Missoula, Montana. 6-8 August 2013
Bhattacharya, Mithu. "A Conceptual Framework of RFID Adoption in Retail: Using Roger's Stage Model Perspective." Baltimore, MD. 16th-19th November 2013
Blume, Libby, Thomas Blume, Leena Hadied, Whitney Carnicom, and Menatalla Ads. "Dialectics of ethnicity: Ethnic identities of adolescents and mothers in Arab American transnational families.." Honolulu, HI. 2 August 2013
Britt-Smith, Laurie. "“More Than Shopping Our Way to a Cure(?): The (Perceived) Transgressive Nature of the RED Campaign and Its Affect on U2’s Ethos as Justice Advocates.”." Cleveland, Ohio. 4/25-27 April 2013
Broughton, Richard. "Litigating the Second Amendment (panelist & presenter)." Hartford, Connecticut. November 2013
Broughton, Richard. "Senatorial Nullification." Chicago, IL. April 2013
Broughton, Richard. "The Ineludible Politics of Addressing Gun Crime." Detroit, MI. June 2013
Brush, David M., M. Danilczuk, and S. Schlick. "Phase Separation in Hydrated Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) (SPEEK): From Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spin Trapping to Spin Probing." Lansing, MI. October 2013
Conrad, Dianne, Kathy Moran, and Rosanne Burson. "Bridging the Gap: Linking DNP Education and Practice Through a Statewide Collaborative Event." Phoenix, Arizona. 25-27 September 2013
Cunningham, Cara. "Empowerment Teaching: The Intersection and Impact of Learning Theories in the Classroom." Milwaukee, WI. June 2013
Cunningham, Cara. "Plain English Writing Skills for Legal Services Providers Webinar." Detroit, MI. April 2013
Grobis, Greg. "Theatre: A Valuable Vehicle for Justice in Jesuit Higher Education." Omaha, NE. October 2013
Hand, Jacqueline. "The Duty to Consult and Environmental Justice." Hamilton, New Zealand. July 2013
Hanifin, Leo. "Lessons in Transit Leadership and Politics from Other Urban Regions." Detroit, MI. May 2013
Hill, Elizabeth, and Leslie Becerra. "Response to pup ultrasound calls by nulliparous mice." Gateshead, England, UK. 4-8 August 2013†
Hu, Hsiao-Lan, and Carol L. Winkelmann. "Avalokiteśvara and an Androgynous Model of Leadership for Buddhist Women." Ada, Ohio. 12-13 April 2013
Hu, Hsiao-Lan. "The Forms of Avalokiteśvara and the Forms of Human Suffering." Saitama, Japan. 27-June 1 May 2013
Kelly, Justin,. "Pride and Prejudice at 200: Why Jane Austen's Classic is Still So Good." Farmington Hills, MI. July 2013
Koelsch, David, and Jacqueline Hand. "Immigration Policy and Enforcement as a Hindrance and Stimulant to Economic Development." San Diego, CA. June 2013
Koelsch, David. "Balance in Legal Education." Minneapolis, MN. November 2013
Koelsch, David. "Spiritual Exercises and Law." Omaha, Nebraska. August 2013
Koelsch, David. "Teaching Clinical Students." San Juan, Puerto Rico. April 2013
Kozicki, Zigmond. "The Global Business and Public Health Imperatives for Establishing International Waterborne Pathogen Monitoring Standards In Healthcare Facilities.." Helsinki, Finland. July 4 July 2013
Langvardt, Kyle. "The Demise of Tests in the Government Religious Speech Cases." Charleston, SC. October 2013
Loewen, Jill. "Using Social Media for Smokeless Tobacco Education." Missoula, Montana. 6-8 August 2013
Loewen, Jill. "Tobacco Education for Oral Health Providers (Live Webinar)." Detroit, MI. 9 April 2013
Loewen, Jill. "The Oral Health Perspective: Ending Your Patient’s Dependence on Tobacco." Southaven, Mississippi. 3 May 2013
Loewen, Jill. "Treating Our Tobacco Using Dental Patients: Facts vs Myths." Novi, MI. 19 April 2013
MacDonald, Lorri. "Setting the Tone for Student Learning." First Annual Teachers Conference organized by the Teacher Professional Development Center at Ilia State University. Tbilisi, Georgia. 26 October 2013
MacDonald, Lorri. "Constructivist and Inquiry Teaching." Science Education Forum, Ilia State University. Tbilisi, Georgia. 13 November 2013
Mantzopoulos, Victoria, and Raphael S.J. Shen. "China’s “Going-Out” Policy: Inception, Evolution, Implication." Las Vega, Nevada. February 2013
Mark E. Dietrick, AIA, LEED AP, and Assoc. AIA Brian Skripac. "Design Focused Collaboration: the Importance of the Architect in Integrated Delivery Processes." Salt Lake City, Utah. 24-25 October 2013†
Moe, Jeffry, Peter Finnerty, Victoria Sepulveda, and Dilani Perera. "SYRWIPSVWEW%PPMIW%R%J½VQMRK Approach for Counseling and Supervision with LGBTQ Clients." Denver, CO. 17-20 October 2013
Moran, Kathy, Rosanne Burson, and Dianne Conrad. "Evolving Roles of the Doctor of Nursing Practice: The DNP Landscape." Lansing, MI. 7 June 2013
Pickover, Sheri, Jocelyn Bennett-Garraway, and Victoria Sepulveda. "Client-centered Counselor Education: Shifting Focus from Student to Client in Clinical Courses." Denver, CO. 18 October 2013
Platt, Maia, Andrea Kwasky, and Joanne Spetz. "Filling the Gap: Developing Health Economic Competencies for Baccalaureate Nursing Programs." Grand Rapids, MI. September 2013
Roche, Jason. "Stealing Home: A Documentary Film." Detroit, MI. 25 October 2013†
Sabbaghi, Omid, Gerald Cavanagh, and Tim Hipskind. "Service-Learning and Leadership: Evidence from Teaching Financial Literacy." University of Dayton R.I.S.E. Forum. Dayton, OH. April 2013
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Gerald F. Cavanagh. "Jesuit, Catholic, and Green: Evidence from Loyola University Chicago." St. Louis, Missouri. July 2013
Schlick, S.. "Spin Trapping in Materials: Focus on the Hydrogen Economy." New Orleans, LA. April 2013
Serowoky, Mary. "An Implementation and Evaluation of Cuidate with Hispanic Teen Girls in a Southwest Detroit High School." MNRS Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. 03/03/2013 March 2013
Waite, Roberta, and Carla J. Groh. "Integrated Care: What’s Missing in Current Practice Models?." San Antonio, TX.. 9-12 October 2013
Webber, Elaine, and Janice Cecil. "Implementing a Perinatal Testing and Treatment Program." Nashiville, TN. 15-19 June 2013
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