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Barrios, Rita M., and Michael R. Lerhfeld. "iOS Mobile Device Forensics: Initial Analysis." 2011 ADFSL Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law. Richmond, VA. 25-27 May 2011
Barrios, Rita M., and Michael R. Lerhfeld. "Forensicating iOS Mobile Devices." 10th Annual Security Conference. Las Vegas, NV. 4-6 May 2011
Bernasconi, C., and A. Hoback. "Public Perception of Walkability: Assessing Perception Dependencey on Scene Attributes and Respondents Characteristics." Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association Annual Conference [Best Research Paper 2011 EDRA Award]. Chicago, IL. (2011)
Bernasconi, Claudia, and Utpal Dutta. "Design and Context: Assessing Public Preferences for People Mover Stations." Conference Proceedings of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 2011. Los Angeles, CA. April 2011
Broughton, J. Richard. "Congressional Inquiry and the Federal Criminal Law." Midwest Political Science Association 2011 Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. April 2011
Broughton, J. Richard. "Capital Prejudice." Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2011 Annual Meeting. Hilton Head Island, SC. July 2011
Daimi, K., and K. Snyder. "Transforming Undergraduate Computer Science into Software Engineering." The 2011 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (FECS'11). Las Vegas, NV. 18-21 July 2011
Daimi, K., and G. Grabowski. "A Professional Science Master Degree in Health Informatics." The 2011 International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BIOCOMP'11). Las Vegas, NV. 18-21 July 2011
Daimi, K., and L. Li. "Designing an Online Conference Management System." The 2011 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP'11). Las Vegas, NV. 18-21 July 2011
Dukhan, Nihad. "Approximate Analysis for Darcy-Flow Convection in Cylindrical Porous Media with Zero Fluid Conduction." ASME 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition. Denver Colorado. November 2011
Dukhan, Nihad. "Transition Among Flow Regimes in 10-ppi Open-Cell Aluminum Foam." 7th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams. Busan, Korea. September 2011
Dukhan, Nihad. "Analysis of Darcy Flow in Confined Porous Media Including Wall Effect." ASME Small Modular Reactors Symposium. Washington, DC. September 2011
Dukhan, Nihad. "Metal-Foam Enhanced PCM Storage System: The Cylindrical Shell Geometry." ASME 5th International Conference on Energy Sustaainability & 9th Fuel Cell Science, Engineering & Technology Conference. Washington, DC. August 2011
Elnazeer, N., and K. Daimi. "Evaluation of Network Port Scanning Tools." The 2011 International Conference on Security and Management (SAM'11). Las Vegas, NV. 18-21 July 2011
Graves, James, Tone Shamon, and Vincent Vuljaj. "Enteric Bacteria and Biodiesel Glycerol Byproduct in Undergraduate Research." American Society for Microbiology Michigan Branch. Grand Rapids, MI/USA. 9 April 2011
Haidar, Mahmoud, and Nizar Al-Holou. "Curriculum Development of Common Network Security Threats and Counter Measures." WORLDCOMP'10, Proceedings of the 2010 International conference on security and management, SAM2011. Las Vegas. 18-21 July 2011
Hazen, Mary Ann. "Write a Publishable Article in Five Steps: Opening to the Possibilities of Your Teaching Experiences." OBTC 2011, Teaching Conference for Management Educators. Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI. June 2011
Kleinke, Darrell. "Capstone Lessons to Prepare Students for the Changing World of Corporate Innovation." Amercian Society for Engineering Education - North Central Conference. Mt. Pleasant, MI. 2 April 2011
Lehrfeld, Michael R., and Rita M. Barrios. "It's My iPad! Protecting Critical Data on Personal Mobile Devices in the Medical Setting." International Conference on HIT Advancement (CIHITA-2011). Kalamazoo, Mi. 28 October 2011
MacDonald, Lorri. "Strategies for Working with International Students." National Technology and Social Science Conference. Las Vegas, Nevada. April 2011
McClelland, Molly., and Darrell. Kleinke. "Teaching Innovation & Assistance to University Students Using a Unique Multidisciplinary Collaborative Approach." International Conference of Education, Research & Innovation. Madrid, Spain. November 2011
Mead, Nancy R., Dan Shoemaker, and Linda Laird. "Getting Secure Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Practice-Three National Initiatives." The 35th Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC). Munich. July 2011
Ran, Shan, and Pamela Zarkowski. "Women's Career Advancement in Jesuit Higher Education Institutions: Developing Multi-Functioning Mentoring Relationships as a Strategy for Advancement." National Association of Women in Higher Education. Seattle, Washington. June 2011
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Matt Lupton. "Orphan Equities: Profitable Investments?." Academy of Finance. Chicago, IL. (2011)
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Min Xu. "Ethical Companies and Their Financial Performance." Decision Sciences Institute. Boston, MA. (2011)
Schumack, Mark, Mark Benvenuto, and Saeed Siaovoshani. "An Interdisciplinary Graduate Level Course in Battery Systems Engineering." American Society of Mechanical Engineers 5th International Conference on Energy Sustainability. Washington, D.C.. August 2011
Yost, Sandra, Elizabeth Roberts-Kirchhoff, and Pamela Zarkowski. "We're All in the Same Boat: Promoting an Institutional Culture of Assessment." American Society for Engineering Education. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. June 2011
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