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Anthony, Maureen J.. "Caring for Migrant Farmworkers on Medical-Surgical Units." MEDSURG Nursing. 20.3May-June 2011: 123-126
Anthony, Maureen, and Joanne Yastik. "Nursing Students' Experiences with Incivility in Clinical Education." Journal of Nursing Education. 50.3 (2011): 140-144
Barazi, Khaldoun, Utayba Mohammad, and Nizar Al-Holou. "Doppler Shift Impact on Vehicular Ad-hoc Network." Canadian Journal on Multimedia and Wireless Networks. 2.38 August 2011: 46-64
Bhattacharya, Mithu, Irene Petrick, Tracy Mullen, and Lynette Kvasny. "A Delphi Study of RFID Applicable Business Processes and Value Chain Activities in Retail." Journal of Technology Management & Innovation. Editor-in-Chief: Alejandro Jiménez, Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile; Managing Editor: Sergio Diez de Medina R., Chimera Research Group, Chile.. 6.3 (2011): 63-81
Blume, Libby Balter. "Freedom Roundtable: Families in Fiction - Fact or Fantasy?." Journal of Family Theory & Review. Robert M. Milardo. 3.4December 2011: 303-304
Broughton, J. Richard. "On Straddle Crimes and the Ex Post Facto Clauses." George Mason Law Review. 18.3Spring 2011
Brush, Barbara L., Keri Kirk, Laura Gultekin, and Janet M. Baiardi. "Overcoming: A Concept Analysis." Nursing Forum. Patricia Yoder-Wise. 46.3July-September 2011: 160-168
Brush, Barbara L., Janet M. Baiardi, and Sharon Lapides. "Moving Toward Synergy: Lessons Learned in Developing and Sustaining Community-Academic Partnerships." Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education and Action. Darius Tandon. 5.1Spring 2011: 27-34
Calley, Nancy G., and Emily M. Richardson. "Clinical Prediction-Making: Examining Influential Factors Related to Clinician Predictions of Recidivism Among Juvenile Offenders." Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling. Stephen Southern. 32.1-2October 2011: 2-15
Calley, Nancy G., Sheri Pickover, Jocelyn M. Bennett-Garraway, Simon J. Hendry, and Garbette M. Garraway. "Integrating Social Justice Across the Curriculum: The Catholic Mission and Counselor Education." Journal of Catholic Higher Education. 30.2 (2011): 289-308
Crabtree, Claire. "Piety, Innocence, and Irishness in Alice McDermott's Irish-American Novels." Journal of Research In Gender Studies. 1.1 (2011): 43-54
Damas, Beth Ann, Michelle A. Wheater, Josef S. Bringas, and Michael M. Hoen. "Cytotoxicity Comparison of Mineral Trioxide Aggregates and EndoSequence Bioceramic Root Repair Materials." Journal of Endodontics. 37.3March 2011: 372-375
Danilczuk, Marek, Lu Lin, Shulamith Schlick, Steven J. Hamrock, and Mark S. Schaberg. "Understanding the Fingerprint Region in the Infra-Red Spectra of Perfluorinated Ionomer Membranes and Corresponding Model Compounds: Experiments and Theoretical Calculations." Journal of Power Sources. 196.20 (2011): 8216-8224
Dasgupta, Abhijit. "A Set of Axioms for Nonstandard Extensions." Mathematical Logic Quarterly. 57.5 (2011): 485-493
Dukhan, Nihad, and Krunal Patel. "Effect of Sample's Length on Flow Properties of Open-Cell Metal Foam and Pressure-Drop Correlations." Journal of Porous Materials. 18.6 (2011): 655-665
Eisenhauer, Joseph G., and Luigi Ventura. "Interval Risk Aversion." Applied Economics. 43.9 (2011): 1139-1150
Eisenhauer, Joseph G.. "Formulating and Using Probability Density Functions with Familiar Geometric Shapes." Teaching Statistics. 33.2Summer 2011: 38-42
Eisenhauer, Joseph G.. "The Rich, the Poor, and the Middle Class: Thresholds and Intensity Indices." Research in Economics. 65.4December 2011: 294-304
Eisenhauer, Joseph G., Doris Geide-Stevenson, and David L. Ferro. "Experimental Estimates of Taxpayer Ethics." Review of Social Economy. 69.1March 2011: 29-53
Forman, Sarah Jane. "Countering Criminalization: Toward a Youth Development Approach To School Searches." The Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Minority Issues. Cheryl L. Auster. 14.2Winter 2011: 301-373
Freeland, Barbara, Barbara B. Pemprase, and Maureen Anthony. "Nursing Practice Patterns: Timing of Insulin Administration and Glucose Monitoring in the Hospital." The Diabetes Educator. 37.3May/June 2011: 357-362
Freeman, John. "The UnNatural, or Who's your Daddy?: Tiger Woods, Nike, and Corporate Parenthood." CTheory. 5 April 2011
Goldman, Lee. "Student Speech and the First Amendment: A Comprehensive Approach." Florida Law Review. 63.2April 2011: 395-430
Green-Deines, Amy. "Detroit, The Rarified City." The Plan. 047December/January 2011: 98-111
Groh, Carla J., Lynda G. Stallwood, and John J. Daniels. "Service-Learning in Nursing Education: Its Impact on Leadership and Social Justice." Nursing Education Perspectives. 32.6November/December 2011: 400-405
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "How Narrative Relationships Overcome Empathic Bias: Elizabeth Gaskell's Empathy Across Social Difference." Poetics Today. 32.2Summer 2011: 255-288
Higgins, Rose-Marie. "Fostering Lifelong Learning in the Physician Assistant Student Through Internet-Based Continuing Medical Education." Journal of Physician Assistant Education. 22.2 (2011): 44-47
Homant, Robert J., and Michael Witkowski. "Support for Coercive Interrogation Among College Students: Torture and the Ticking Time Bomb Scenario." Journal of Applied Security Research. 6.2 (2011): 135-157
Huber II, John Thomas, and Douglas A. MacDonald. "An Investigation of the Relations Between Altruism, Empathy, and Spirituality." Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Online First). 7 March 2011
Ibitayo, Adebimpe O., Valmy Pangrazio-Kulbersh, Jeff Berger, and Burcu Bayirli. "Dentoskeletal Effects of Functional Appliances vs Bimaxillary Surgery in Hyperdivergent Class II Patients." Angle Orthodontist. 81.2 (2011): 304-311
Ingalsbe, Jeffrey A., Dan Shoemaker, Nancy R. Mead, and Wesley Meier. "Taking Our Eyes Off the Ball: Has Fighting Cyber Crime in the US Left Us Ill Prepared for Cyber War?." Cutter IT Journal. 24.5May 2011: 18-23
John, Vanchit, Maria Papageorge, Leila Jahangiri, Michelle Wheater, David Cappelli, Robert Frazer, and Woosung Sohn. "Recruitment, Development, and Retention of Dental Faculty in a Changing Environment." Journal of Dental Education. 75.1January 2011: 82-89
Kapoor-Vazirani, Priya, Jacob D. Kagey, and Paula M. Vertino. "SUV420H2-Mediated H4K20 Trimethylation Enforces RNA Polymerase II Promoter-Proximal Pausing by Blocking hMOF-Dependent H4K16 Acetylation." Molecular and Cellular Biology. 31.8April 2011: 1594-1609
Kassab, Veronica, and Douglas MacDonald. "Examination of the Psychometric Properties of the Spiritual Fitness Assessment." Journal of Religion and Health. 50.4 (2011): 975-985
Kim, Suk Hi, Junhua Jia, and Michael Whitty. "The Northeast Asian Energy Situation and the North Korean Factor." North Korean Review. 7.1Spring 2011: 78-86
Kinaia, Bassam Michael, Jacob Steiger, Anthony L. Neely, Maanas Shah, and Monish Bhola. "Treatment of Class II Molar Furcation Involvement: Meta-Analyses of Reentry Results." Journal of Periodontology. 82.3March 2011: 413-428
Kolhatkar, Shilpa, Suzanne A. Mason, Ana Janic, Monish Bhola, S. Haque, and James R. Winkler. "Surgical Crown Lengthening in the HIV-Positive Population: A Retrospective Analysis." Journal of Periodontology. 22 July 2011
Kolhatkar, Shilpa, Monish Bhola, and Tamika N. Thompson-Sloan. "Sinus Floor Elevation Via the Maxillary Premolar Extraction Socket with Immediate Implant Placement: A Case Series." Journal of Periodontology. 82.6June 2011: 820-828
Kolhatkar, Shilpa, Syed Khalid, Ann Rolecki, Monish Bhola, and James R. Winkler. "Immediate Dental Implant Placement in HIV-Positive Patients Receiving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy: A Report of Two Cases and a Review of the Literature of Implants Placed in HIV-Positive Individuals." Journal of Periodontology. 82.3March 2011: 505-511
Kosinski, Timothy F. "Utilizing Digital Treatment Planning and Guided Surgery in Conjunction with Narrow Body Implants." Inclusive. 2.1Winter 2011: 43-50
Koukal, D. R. "The Dishonesty of "Cores Lite": The Battle for a Truly Common Core." Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education. 39.1Spring 2011: 53-54
Kruczala, Krzysztof, and Shulamith Schlick. "Measuring Diffusion Coefficients of Nitroxide Radicals in Heterophasic Propylene-Ethylene Copolymers by Electron Spin Resonance Imaging." Macromolecules. 44.2 (2011): 325-333
Lee, Chang Won, and Gregory W. Ulferts. "Managing Supply Chain Risks and Risk Mitigation Strategies." North Korean Review. 7.2Fall 2011: 34-44
Leever, Martin G.. "Cultural Competence: Reflections on Patient Autonomy and Patient Good." Nursing Ethics. Ann Gallagher. 18.4 (2011): 560-570
Lin, Yu Peng, and James C. Sesil. "Do Broad-Based Stock Options Promote Organization Capital?." British Journal of Industrial Relations. 49.S2 (2011): s402-416
Litonjua , Luis A., Leyvee L. Cabanilla, and Lawrence J. Abbott. "Plaque Formation and Marginal Gingivitis Associated with Restorative Materials." Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Louis Rose DDS, MD. Volume 32.Issue 4May 2011
MacDonald, Douglas A.. "Studying Spirituality Scientifically: Reflections, Considerations, and Recommendations." International Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion. 8.3 (2011): 195-210
MacDonald, Lorri. "Increasing Comprehension of Content Delivered in English to Non-Native Speakers." International Forum of Teaching and Studies. 7.1May 2011: 5-9
Mawhinney, Thomas C.. "Job Satisfaction: I/O Psychology and Organizational Behavior Management Perspectives." Journal of Organizational Behavior Management. 31.4Oct-Dec 2011: 288-315
McClelland, Molly L., and Darrell K. Kleinke. "Innovative Educational Collaboration Between Colleges to Improve Disabilities and Enhance Learning." Michigan Academician. 40.2 (2011): 107-116
McKechnie, Josie, and Elizabeth M. Hill. "Risk Factors for Alcoholism Among Women Religious: Affect Regulation." Pastoral Psychology. 60.5 (2011): 693-703
Mead, Nancy R, Daniel Shoemaker, and Linda Laird. "Getting Secure Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Practice." COMPSAC. 18 July 2011
Mo, Lun, Fang Yang, Xiangen Hu, Florance Calaway, and John Nickey. "An Empirical Examination of IRT Information for School Climate Surveys." Educational Research & Evaluation. 17.1February 2011: 33-45
Mo, Lun, Fang Yang, Xiangen Hu, Florance Calaway, and John Nickey. "ACT Test Performance by Advanced Placement Students in Memphis City Schools." Journal of Educational Research. 104.5 (2011): 354-359
Mohammad, Utayba, and Nizar Al-Holou. "Development of An Automotive Communication Benchmark." Canadian Journal on Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 1.58 AUGUST 2011: 99-115
Moran, Katherine, Rosanne Burson, John Critchett, and Philip Olla. "Exploring the Cost and Clinical Outcomes of Integrating the Registered Nurse-Certified Diabetes Educator in the Patient Centered Medical Home." The Diabetes Educator. James Fain. 37.6November/December 2011: 780-793
Munfakh, Antoine N., David A. Smith, Daniel T. Holt, Leonard J. Kloft, Eric J. Unger, and Jeremy M. Slagley. "Radiological Dispersal Events within Urban Environments: A General Method of Measuring the Economic Impacts." Journal of Emergency Management. 9.4July/August 2011: 53-67
Page, Robert, Lawrence Zeff, and Mary Higby. "Toyota's Undoing: A Case of Hyper-Response to Hyper-Conflict." Business Research Yearbook. 18.2 (2011)
Paruch, Deborah. "From Trusted Confidant to Witness for the Prosecution: The Case Against the Recognition of a Dangerous-Patient Exception to the Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege." University of New Hampshire Law Review. 9.3 (2011): 327-407
Paryani, Kioumars. "Product Quality, Service Reliability and Management of Operations at Starbucks." International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology. 3.7 (2011): 1-14
Peltier, Bruce, Terry Hoover, Pamela Zarkowski, and Terry Patterson. "The Case of the Pregnant Adolescent." Journal of the American College of Dentists. 78.4Winter 2011: 48-
Pitera, Dan. "Transparent Urbanism." The Plan. 047December/January 2011: 131-135
Platt, Maia. "Unique Aspects of Teaching Health Economics in Health Administration Programs: Invitation for Discussion." The Journal of Health Administration Education. 28.1Winter 2011: 61-70
Presbey, Gail. "“Bâtir une «Culture Nationale» Interethnique et Intergénérationnelle au Kenya”/ “Attempts to Create ‘National Culture’ Including Inter-ethnic and Inter-generational Community in Kenya,”." Diogène/Diogenes: Revue Internationale des Sciences Humaines. 59.235-36 (2011): 62-80
Resnick, Noah, and Tadd Heidgerken. "Roosevelt Park: Grass Roots Initiatives." The Plan. 047December/January 2011: 128-130
Robinson, Logan. "A Fall Classic: The Auto Workers vs. Ford." Wall Street Journal. 15 July 2011
Rombes, Nicholas. "Alexandra Bohm." Fiddleblack. 211 November 2011
Ruel, Jennifer. "Acute Bronchitis in the Convenient Care Setting." Advance for NPs & PAs. 2.5April 2011: 18
Ruel, Jennifer. "Sports Physicals in Convenient Care." Advance for NPs & PAs. 2.8August 2011: 42
Sabbaghi, Omid. "The Behavior of Green Exchange Traded Funds." Managerial Finance. 37.5 (2011): 426-441
Sabbaghi, Omid. "Joint Dynamics of the U.S. Treasury Maturity Rates: Policy Implications for Central Banks." Journal of Business and Economics Research. 9.5 (2011): 1-16
Sabbaghi, Omid. "Asymetric Volatility and Trading Volume: The G5 Evidence." Global Finance Journal. 22.2 (2011): 169-181
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Navid Sabbaghi. "Carbon Financial Instruments, Thin Trading, and Volatility: Evidence from the Chicago Climate Exchange." Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. 51.4 (2011): 399-407
Sabbaghi, Omid. "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard Thaler with Cass Sunstein." Journal of Applied Finance. 21.1 (2011): 159-162
Sabbaghi, Omid. "Do Green Exchange-Traded Funds Outperform the S&P500?." Journal of Accounting and Finance. 11.1 (2011): 50-59
Saunders, Mitzi. "Clinical Nurse Specialist Students Meet Patients’ Spiritual Needs." Update. Fall 2011
Sesil, James C., and Yu Peng Lin. "The Impact of Employee Stock Option Adoption and Incidence on Productivity: Evidence from U.S. Panel Data." Industrial Relations. 50.3July 2011: 514-534
Shoemaker, Dan. "Arming the Fortress: Principles for Securing Your Enterprise." Cutter IT Journal. 10 August 2011
Shoemaker, Dan. "The Proof Is in the Certification." Cutter IT Journal. 7 September 2011
Shoemaker, Dan. "Security and the Enterprise." Cutter IT Journal. 16 November 2011
Shoemaker, Daniel, Nancy R Mead, and Jeffrey Inglasbe. "Integerating the Master of Software Assurance Reference Curriculum into Model Curriculum and Guidelines for Graduate Degree Programs in Information Systems." Technical NOTE, CMU/SEI-2011-TN-005. February 2011
Spulber, Mariana, and Shulamith Schlick. "Fragmentation of Perfluorinated Membranes Used in Fuel Cells: Detecting Very Early Events by Selective Encapsulation of Short-Lived Fragments in β -Cyclodextrin." The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 115.43 (2011): 12415-12421
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Staudenmaier, John M., S.J.. "Editor In Chief." Technology and Culture: The International Quarterly of the Society for the History of Technology. Staudenmaier, John M., S.J.. (2011)
Staudenmaier, S.J., John. "It Starts In High School." New York Times. 16 June 2011
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Weisfeld, Glenn E., Nicole T. Nowak, Todd Lucas, Carol C. Weisfeld, E. Olcay Imamoglu, Marina Butovskaya, Jiliang Shen, and Michele R. Parkhill. "Do Women Seek Humorousness in Men Because it Signals Intelligence? A Cross-Cultural Test." Humor - International Journal of Humor Research. 24.4 (2011): 435-462
Wendorf, Craig A., Todd Lucas, E. Olcay Imamoglu, Carol C. Weisfeld, and Glenn E. Weisfeld. "Marital Satisfaction Across Three Cultures: Does the Number of Children Have an Impact After Accounting for Other Marital Demographics?." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 42.3April 2011: 340-354
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Wittig, Will. "Filling the Void: Detroit Open Source." The Plan. 047December/January 2011: 122-127
Zarkowski, Pamela, and Christine Wallace. "Entry/Reentry, Allied, and Alternative Careers: An IWLC Working Group Report." Journal of Dental Education. 75.3Supplement/March 2011: S31-32
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