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Abrams, Howard. "Finding Copyright Theory’s Future in Its Past: Two Books by Ronan Deazley." Journal of Intellectual Property Law Practice. 2.3June 2008: 409-419
Aksu, Mert, S. Hakan, and A. Korcum. "Effect of Complementary and Alternative Medicine during Radiotherapy on Radiation Toxicity." Supportive Care in Cancer: Official Journal of the Multinational Association. 4April 2008: 415-419
Anthony, Maureen. "Hypoglycemia in Hospitalized Adults." MEDSURG Nursing. 17.1 (2008): 31-34
Anthony, Maureen. "Relationships among Nurse Staffing, Adherence to Practice Guidelines and Patient Outcomes in the Treatment of Hypoglycemia." Quality Management in Health Care. 17.4October/December 2008: 312-319
Anthony, Maureen, J. Williams, and A. Avery. "Health Needs of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers." Journal of Community Health Nursing. 25.3July 2008: 153-160
Atwan, Salwa, and James Geist. "Ameloblastic Fibro-Odontoma: Case Report and Review of the Literature." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. November 2008: 46-49
Bailey, J., Antonio Drommi, J. Ingalsbe, N. Mead, and Dan Shoemaker. "A Common Sense Way to Make the Business Case for Software Assurance." BuildSecurityIn Website, Department of Homeland Security. March 2008
Barnes, Erick, Robert Homant, and Daniel Kennedy. "An Insider View of the Sleeper Cell Terrorist: A Face Validity Study." A Journal of Applied Security Reserach. (2008)
Benkert, R., and Nutrena Tate. "Trust of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Among African Americans with Hypertension." Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. 20 (2008): 273-280
Berger, J., Pangrazio- Kulbersh, Janisse Valmy, and Burcu Bayirli. "Early Class III Treatment-Is it Worth the Effort? An Evaluation of Two Treatment Modalities for Class III Correction." Informationen aus Orthodontie und Kieferorthopadie. 40.2 (2008): 133-144
Bhola, Monish, Leyvee Cabanilla, and Shilpa Kolhatkar. "Dental Occlusion and Periodontal Disease: What Is the Real Relationship." Journal of the California Dental Association. 36.12 (2008): 924-930
Boyce, Bret. "Obscenity and Community Standards." The Yale Journal of International Law. 33.3 (2008)
Bryce, Michael. "Teaching Justice to Law Students: The Legacy of Ignatian Education and Commitment to Justice and Justice Learning in 21st Century Clinical Education." Gonzaga Law Review. 43.3 (2008)
Calley, Nancy. "Juvenile Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Legislation: Unintended Consequences." Federal Probation: A Journal of Correctional Philosophy and Practice. 72.3December 2008
Calley, Nancy, and S. Gerber. "Empathy-Promoting Counseling Strategies for Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Developmental Approach." Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling. 28April 2008: 68-85
Calley, Nancy, and L. Hawley. "The Professional Identity of Counselor Educators." The Clinical Supervisor. 27.1August 2008: 3-16
Conklin, A., and Dan Shoemaker. "Finding a Vendor You Can Trust in the Global Marketplace." Software Engineering Institute, Build Security In Website. July 2008
Crabtree, Claire. "Thorn, Needle." So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art. 17.1Winter/Spring 2008: 14
Danilczuk, M., Coms, F., and Schulamith Schlick. "Fragmentation of Fluorinated Model Compounds Exposed to Oxygen Radicals: Spin Trapping ESR Experiments, and Implications for Behavior of Proton Exchange Membranes Used in Fuel Cells." Fuel Cells. 8.6 (2008): 436-452
Dauphin, Barry. "Psychoanalysis: Science? Humanity? Do We Want a Place or a Palace?." Psychoanalytic Review. 95.6 (2008): 929-946
DeReus, L., and Libby Blume. "A Note From the Guest Coordinators." Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies. 57.4September 2008: 415-148
DiPaolo, Donald. "Echoes of Leadership Education: Reflections on Failure, Forgetting, and Our Future." Journal of Leadership Education. 7.1Summer 2008: 77-91
Dosch, Michael, S. Jarvis, and Kimberly Schlosser. "Attrition in Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs as Reported by Program Directors: The Class of 2005." AANA Journal. 76.4August 2008: 277-281
Dukhan, Nihad, and P. Patel. "Equivalent Particle Diameter and Length Scale for Pressure Drop in Porous Metals." Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 32 (2008): 1059- 1067
Dukhan, Nihad, Mark Schumack, and John Daniels. "Implementation of Service- Learning in Engineering and Its Impact on Students’ Attitudes and Identity." European Journal of Engineering Education. 33.1March 2008: 21-31
Dunning, D., T. Durham, Mert Aksu, and B. Lange. "The State of the Art in Evaluating the Performance of Assistant and Associate Deans as Seen by Deans and Assistant and Associate Deans." Journal of Dental Education. 72.4April 2008: 458-471
Freeman, John. "The Steorn Exploit and its Spin Doktors, or 'Synergie ist der name of das Spiel, my boy'." Postmodern Culture. (2008)
Geist, Shin-Mey Rose, and James Geist. "Improvement in Medical Consultation Responses with a Structured Request Form." Journal of Dental Education. 72.5May 2008: 553-561
Gleason, Michael. "Dietary Supplements." Detroit District Dental Bulletin. 77 (2008): 19-22
Goldman, Lee. "False Campaign Advertising and the “Actual Malice” Standard." Tulane Law Review. 82.3 (2008)
Goldman, Lee. "Trouble for Private Enforcement of the Sherman Act: Twombly, Pleading Standards, and the Oligopoly Problem." Brigham Young University Law Review. 2008.4 (2008)
Greene, Harold. "Distance-From-Target Dynamics During Visual Search." Vision Research. 48 (2008): 2476-2484
Gustafsson, H., Lund Kruczala, and Shulamith Schlick. "Visualizing the Dose Distribution and Linear Energy Transfer by 1D and 2D ESR Imaging: A Potassium Dithionate Dosimeter Irradiated with C6+ and N7+ Ions." Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 112 (2008): 8437-8442
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "The Paradox of Fiction and the Ethics of Empathy: Reconceiving Dicken’s Realism." Narrative. 16.3October 2008: 256-278
Hazen, Mary Ann. "Grief and the Workplace." Academy of Management Perspectives. August 2008
Hill, Elizabeth, Jessica Jenkins, and Lisa Farmer. "Family Unpredictability, Future Discounting, and Risk Taking." Journal of Socio- Economics. 37 (2008): 1381-1396
Hill, Richard., and Dawn Tilbury. "Incremental Hierarchical Contruction of Modular Supervisors for Discrete-Event Systems." International Journal of Control. 81.9September 2008: 1364-1381
Hoback, Alan, Scott Anderson, and Utpal Dutta. "True Walking Distance to Transit." Journal of Transportation Planning and Technology. 31.6 (2008)
Hoen, Michael. "Finding and Using Dental Evidence and Tools at the Point of Care." Journal of Evidence- Based Dental Practice. 8.3 (2008): 149-151
Hoen, Michael, and S. McClanahan. "Incorporating an Evidence-Based Approach into the Strategic Planning of an Endodontic Specialty Association." Journal of Evidence- Based Dental Practice. 8.2June 2008: 70-71
Hoge, C., Hassan Oueis, P. Casamassimo, R. Rashid, and S. Prior. "Physiologic Signs During Dental Treatment in Overweight Vs Normal Weight Children." Pediatric Dentistry. 30.6November/December 2008: 522-529
Homant, Robert, Michael Witkowski, and Megan Howell. "Is Torture Ever Justified? College Students Attitudes Toward Coercion/Torture." Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies. 8 (2008): 152-165
Jarnevic, D. Petar. "St. Thomas Aquinas and the Controversy Concerning the Eternity of the World: A Response to Professor Gerald J. Massey." Divinatio: Studia Culturologica. Ivaylo Znepolski and Dimitri Ginev. 28.2Autumn-Winter 2008: 153-69
Kikas, Lazaros, Jeffrey Boats, and John Oleksik. "Finding Disjoint Paths in the Nova Graph." Congressus Numerantium 192. (2008)
Kim, Suk. "Visiting the Kaesong Industrial Complex." Policy Forum Online. Nautilus Institute. August 2008
Kim, Suk. "The U.S. Trade Deficit with China: Causes and Proposed Solutions." Global Business and Finance Review. (2008)
Koukal, David. "Afterword: Aude Describere!." PhaenEx. 3.2Fall/Winter 2008: 179-194
Lanigan, Katherine C.. "Teaching Analytical Method Development in Undergraduate Instrumental Analysis." Journal of Chemical Education. 85.1January 2008: 138-140
Lantz, M., and Pamela Zarkowski. "Can Ethics Be Taught: What Students Are Learning at Our Two Dental Schools." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. September 2008: 28-35
Lucas, T., M. Parkill, C. Wendorf, O. Imamoglu, Carol Weisfeld, G. Weisfeld, and J. Shen. "Cultural and Evolutionary Components of Marital Satisfaction: A Multidimensional Assessment of Measurement Invariance." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 39.1January 2008: 109-123
Maalhagh-Fard Ahmad, and A. Nimmo. "Eleven-Year Report on a Predoctoral Implant Dentistry Program." Journal of Prosthodontics. 17.1January 2008: 64-68
Mascarenhas, Oswald, S.J., Ram Kesavan, and Michael Bernacchi. "Buyer Seller Information Asymmetry: Challenges to Distributive and Corrective Justice." Journal of Macromarketing. 28.1March 2008: 68-84
Mazurak, Stephen. "Significant Recent Employment Law Developments in State Common Law and Statutory Decision." ABA The Labor Lawyer. Winter/Spring 2008: 253
Mead, Nancy, Daniel Shoemaker, and Jeffrey A. Ingalsbe. "Integrating Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Curricula." Crosstalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. January 2008
Miwa, Y., A. Drews, and Shulamith Schlick. "Unique Structure and Dynamics of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) in Layered Silicate Nanocomposites: Accelerated Segmental Mobility Revealed by Simulating ESR Spectra of Spin Labels, XRD, FTIR, and DSC." Macromolecules. 41.13 (2008): 4701-4708
Mol, A., and Ashok Balasundaram. "In Vitro Cone Beam Computed Tomography Imaging of Periodontal Bone." Dentomaxillofacial Radiology. 37 (2008): 319-324
Molinari, John. "Point of Care: What is the Significance for Dental Professionals of the Recently Documented Case of Patient-to-Patient Transmission of Hepatitis B." Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. 73.10January 2008
Molinari, John. "A Shot of Protection." Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. 6.1January 2008: 20, 22, 24
Molinari, John. "A Shot of Protection." Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. 6.1January 2008: 20-24
Molinari, John. "Surface Disinfectants: Updates on Sprays and Wipes." Dental Advisor. 25 (2008): 2-6
Molinari, John. "What is the Significance for Dental Professionals of the Recently Documented Case of Patient-to-Patient Transmission of Hepatitis B?." Canadian Dental Association Online Series. (2008)
Molinari, John, and N. Andrews. "Committing to Best Infection Control Practices." Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. 6.9September 2008: 18, 20, 22
Neimanis, A., and David Koukal. "Introduction: Back to the Things Themselves! (again)." PhaenEx. 3.2Fall 2008
Ojha, Junu, I. Bhattacharyya, N. Islam, F. Wong, and D. Cohen. "Colloid Milium of the Oral Cavity: A Rare Presentation." Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol and Endodontol. 105 (2008): 34-38
Ojha, Junu, I. Bhattacharyya, N. Islam, D. Cohen, C. Stewart, and J. Katz. "Xerostomia and Lichenoid Reaction in a Hepatitis C Patient Treated with Interferon-Alpha: A Case Report." Quintessence International. 39.4April 2008: 343-348
Ojha, Junu, N. Islam, D. Cohen, D. Marshal, M. Reavis, and I. Bhattacharyya. "Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders of Oral Cavity." Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol and Endodontol. 105 (2008): 589-596
Parashar, Vijay, S. Frankel, A. Lurie, and B. Rogina. "The Effects of Age on Radiation Resistance and Oxidative Stress in Adult Drosophila Melanogaster." Radiation Research. 169 (2008): 707-711
Presbey, Gail. "Teaching About Racism and Sexism in Introduction to Philosophy Classes." Feminism and Philosophy. 7.2Spring 2008: 5-11
Presbey, Gail. "Arendt on Language and Lying in Politics: Her Insights Applied to the 'War on Terror' and the U.S. Occupation of Iraq." Peace Studies Journal. (2008)
Reti, Robert, E. Kwon, P. Qui, Michelle Wheater, and G. Sosne. "Thymosin Beta4 is Cytoprotective in Human Gingival Fibroblasts." European Journal of Oral Sciences. 116 (2008): 424-430
Sahoo, B., B. Das, R. Chaudhuri, D. Mukherjee, and Prasad Venugopal. "Atomic Electric-Dipole Moments from Higgs- Boson-Mediated Interactions." Physical Review A. 78 (2008)
Said-Al-Naief, N., and Junu Ojha. "Hereditary Paraganglioma of the Nasopharynx." Head and Neck Pathology. 2 (2008): 272-278
Sanz, M., E. Treasure, W. van Dijk, C. Feldman, H. Groenveld, M. Kellett, J. Pazdera, L Rouse, V. Sae-Lim, A. Seth- Smith, E. Yen, and Pamela Zarkowski. "Profile of the Dentist in the Oral Healthcare Team in Countries with Developed Economies." European Journal of Dental Education. 12Supplement 1 2008: 101-110
Saunders, Mitzi. "Family Caregiver Support and Hospitalizations of Patients With Heart Failure." Home Healthcare Nurse: The Journal for the Home Care and Hospice Professional. 26.10November/December 2008: 624-632
Saunders, Mitzi. "Factors Associated with Caregiver Burden in Heart Failure Family Caregivers." Western Journal of Nursing Research. 30.8 (2008): 943-959
Schirmer, Barbara. "Evidence-Based Practices Are Not Reformulated Best Practices." Communication Disorders Quarterly. 29.3 (2008): 166-168
Schirmer, Barbara. "How Effectively Are We Preparing Teacher Educators in Special Education? The Case of Deaf Education." American Annals of the Deaf. 153.4 (2008): 411-419
Schroeder, C., M. Elahinia, and Mark Schumack. "Integrating Education and Research: Development of a Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Laboratory." International Journal of Engineering Education. (2008)
Stewart, C., I. Bhattacharyya, K. Berg, D. Cohen, C. Orlando, P. Drew, N. Islam, Junu Ojha, and W. Reeves. "Labial Salivary Gland Biopsies in Sjogren’s Syndrome: Still the Gold Standard?." Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. 106.3September 2008: 392-402
Stocker-Schneider, Julia, V. Barkauskas, and G. Keenan. "Evaluating Home Health Care Nursing Outcomes With OASIS and NOC." Journal of Nursing Scholarship. First Quarter 2008
Sumner, Gregory. "Planetary Citizen: Kurt Vonnegut." New Politics. Winter 2008
Taj, Shahram. "Lean Manufacturing Performance in China: Assessment of 65 Manufacturing Plants." Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. 19.2 (2008): 217-234
Thiel, Linda. "Breast Health of US Women Religious (Nuns)." The Breast Journal. 14.6 (2008): 581-583
Thiel, Linda, and Y. Ghosh. "Determining Registered Nurses’ Readiness for Evidence- Based Practice." Worldviews on Evidence- Based Nursing. Fourth Quarter 2008
Ulferts, Gregory, and E. Peterson. "Synergy of Incident Management and Real-Time Technology: The Next Step in the Evolution of Supply Chain Management." Journal of Business & Economic Research. (2008)
Wagner, W., Mert Aksu, A. Neme, J. Linger, F. Pink, and S. Walker. "Effect of Pre-heating Resin Composite on Restoration Microleakage." Operative Dentistry. 33.1 (2008): 72-78
Williamson, R., Hassan Oueis, P. Casamassimo, and S. Thikkurissy. "Association Between Early Childhood Caries and Behavior as Measured by the Child Behavior Checklist." Pediatric Dentistry. 30.6November/December 2008: 505-509
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