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Bambery, M., and Steven C. Abell. "Relocating the Nexus of Psychopathology and Treatment: Thoughts on the Contribution of Erich Fromm to Contemporary Psychotherapy." Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. 36.4 (2006): 175-182
Boats, Jeffrey, Lazaros Kikas, and John Oleksik. "An Algorithm for Finding Disjoint Paths in the Alternating Group Graph." Congressus Numerantium. 181 (2006): 97-109
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "The North Korean Humans Rights Act of 2004: More Rhetoric or a New U.S. Policy Statement?." North Korean Review. 2Fall 2006
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "The New Copyright Piracy in the Pacific Rim." Journal of Midwest International Business Research. XX (2006)
Calley, Nancy G., and S.M. Coddington. "Development of Student Counselor Authenticity." The Awareness Journal. October 2006
Hillenburg, K.L., R. Cederberg, S. Gray, C. Hurst, G. Johnson, and B. Potter. "E-Learning and the Future of Dental Education: Opinions of Administrators and Information Technology Specialists." European Journal of Dental Education. 10.3August 2006: 169-177
Kosinski, Timothy, and Michael. Owen. "Stable Implant Overdentures." Dentistry Today. 25.11November 2006: 92-94
Stewart, Merry. "Narrative Literature Review: Sexual Dysfunction in the Patient on Hemodialysis." Nephrology Nursing Journal. 33.6November-December 2006: 631-641
Zarkowski, Pamela. "Professional Promises: Summary and Next Steps." Journal of Dental Education. 70.11November 2006: 1241-1244
Zeff, Lawrence, and Mary A. Higby. "Performance is a Function of Team Design: A Field Study." Journal of International Business Disciplines. 1.4November 2006: 32-41
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