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Belian, Julia. "Innovatinos in Trusts and Estates." Southeastern Ass'n of Law Schools 2014 Annual Conference. Amelia Island, Fla.. 1 August 2014
Hand, Jacqueline. "Applying Rural Rules to Urban Agricultural Land Uses." Conference on Urban Agriculture Law. Baltimore, MD. 19 September 2014
Jan, Gene Eu, Chaomin Luo, Lun-Ping Hung, and Shao-Ting Shih. "A Computationally Efficient Complete Area Coverage Algorithm for Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation." Beijing, China. (2014)
Lee, Cheng-Lung, Hongyi Zhang, H. Nguyen, Y.T. Wu, Chris Smalley, Utayba Mohammad, and Mark Paulik. "Multi-Modal Image Segmentation for Obstacle Detection and Masking." Detroit, MI. 8-10 April 2014
Luo, Chaomin, Mohan Krishnan, and Mark Paulik. "An Effective Trace-Guided Wave-front Navigation and Map Building Approach for Autonomous Mobile Robots." San Francisco, CA. February 2014
Luo, Chaomin, Simon Yang, Mohan Krishnan, and Mark Paulik. "An Effective Vector-driven Biologically-motivated Neural Network Algorithm to Real-time Autonomous Robot Navigation." Hong Kong. (2014)
Luo, Chaomin, Mohan Krishnan, Mark Paulik, Bo Cui, and Xingzhong Zhang. "A Novel LIDAR-Driven Two-Level Approach for Real-Time Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation and Map Building." San Francisco, CA. February 2014
Luo, Chaomin, and Jiyong Gao. "A Computationally Efficient Neural Dynamics Approach to Trajectory Planning of An Intelligent Vehicle." Beijing, China. (2014)
Luo, Chaomin, Mohan Krishnan, Mark Paulik, and Samer Fallouh. "An Intelligent Hybrid Behavior Coordination System for an Autonomous Mobile Robot." San Francisco, CA. February 2014
Mazurak, Stephen. "Employment Rights of Student Interns." Employment Law, Bargaining Power, and the Gap Symposium. Whittier, Cal. 7 November 2014
Paruch, Deborah. "Putting the Child Back into Child Protection Proceedings." Southwest Regional Clincal Wrokshop. Tempe, Arizona. April 2014
Roberts-Kirchhoff, Elizabeth. "Service-Learning Project for Students in a General, Organic and Biological Chemistry Course Focused on the Theme of National Chemistry Week: “Energy Now and Forever”." Dallas, TX. 16-20 March 2014
St. John, Julie. "The 'Sport' of Lawyering: Using Visualization to Improve Performance." Psychology and Lawyering Conference. Las Vegas, Nev. 21 February 2014
St. John, Julie. "Harnessing Neuroscience to Maximise Performance." New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers Conference. South Royalton, VT. 12 September 2014
St. John, Julie. "Fact is Stranger Than Fiction: Using Problems to Enhance Student Engagement and Learning." Western Regional Legal Writing Conference. Stanford, Cal. 19 September 2014
Stevens, Jonathan, and Kim Utterback. "Computational Study of Mechanisms of Fuel Cell Membrane Polymer Degradation." Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference. Evanston, IL. 15-17 June 2014
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