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Cavanagh S.J., Gerald F., and Eric Hespenheide. "Millennium Development Goals, Business Planning, and the UN Global Compact Managemeent Model." Sustainable Development: The UN Millennium Development Goals, The UN Global Compact, and the Common Good. Williams, Oliver F.. University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, Indiana. (2014): 332-350
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "'The Great Sum of Universal Anguish’: Statistical Empathy in Victorian Social-Problem Literature." Rethinking Empathy Through Literature. Meghan Hammond and Sue Kim. Routledge, (2014)†: 135-149
Hibbard, J. Todd. "Isaiah 19:18: A Textual Variant in Light of the Temple of Onias in Egypt." Concerning the Nations: Essays on the Oracles against the Nations in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Holt, Else K.; Kim, Hyun Chul Paul; Mein, Andrew. T&T Clark, London. (2015): 32-52
Hu, Hsiao-Lan. "Kamma, No-Self, and Social Construction: the Middle Way Between Determinism and Free Will." McWeeny, Jennifer; Butnor, Ashby. Columbia University Press, New York. (2014): 37-56
Labond, J., N. H. Stroeters, M.A. Benvenuto, and E.S. Roberts-Kirchhoff. "Analysis of Nine Edible Clay Supplements with a Handheld XRF Analyzer.." Chemistry of Food, Food Supplements, and Food Contact Materials: From Production to Plate,. Benvenuto, M.A., Ahuja, S., Duncan, T.V., Noonan, G.O., Roberts-Kirchhoff, E.S., Eds.. American Chemical Society:, Washington, D.C.. (2014)†: 99-111
Lafortune, Stephane, Richard Hill, and Andrea Pauli. "Fault Diagnosis of Manufacturing Systems Using Finite State Automata." Campos, Javier; Seatzu, Carla; Xie, Xiaolan. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. (2014): 601-626
Meyers, Genevieve.. "Decentralization in Uganda: Towards Democratic Local Governance or Political Expediency?." Challenges to Democratic Governance in Developing Countries. Mudacumura Gedeon; Göktuğ Morçöl. Springer, New York, NY. (2014): 95-110
Pacini, Christine. "Engaging Staff in Learning." Fulton, Janet S.; Lyon, Brenda L.; Goudreau, Kelly A.. Springer, New York, New York. (2014)
Presbey, Gail. "Women’s Empowerment: The Insights of Wangari Maathai." Gender Justice and Development: Vulnerability and Empowerment, Volume II.. Palmer, Eric. Routledge, (2015)
Presbey, Gail. "Evaluating the Legacy of Nonviolence in South Africa." 1913, Satyagraha, Passive Resistance and its Legacy. Devarakshanam (Betty) Govinden and Kalpana Hiralal (Eds.). Manohar Publishers, New Delhi, India. (2015): 215-256
Roberts-Kirchhoff, Elizabeth, S.. "A Service-Learning Project Focused on the Theme of National Chemistry Week: “Energy-Now and Forever” for Students in a General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry Course." Service Learning and Environmental Chemistry: Relevant Connections. Roberts-Kirchhoff, Elizabeth, S.; Mio, Matthew, J.; Benvenuto, Mark A.. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC. (2014): 73-85
DOI: 10.1021/bk-2014-1177
Schroeder, Alexandra, Zachary Smith, Mark A. Benvenuto, and Elizabeth Roberts-Kirchhoff. "Analysis of Dietary Supplements with a Hand-held XRF Analyzer." Food, Energy, and Water: The Chemistry Connection. Ahuja, Satinder. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (2015)†: 383-389
Stocker Schneider, Julia. "The Role of Informatics and Decision Support in Advancing Clinical Nurse Leader Practice." Harris, James L.; Roussell, Linda; Thomas, Patricia L.. Jones & Bartlett Learning, Burlington, MA. (2014): 269-286
Weisfeld, Carol, and Annamaria Silveri. "A Healthy Respect for Sex Differences, with Cardiovascular Disease and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as Cautionary Lessons." Evolutionary Science of Human Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Approach. LaFreniere, Peter; Weisfeld, Glenn. Linus Learning, Ronkonkoma, NY. (2014): 381-402
Witkowski, Michael J.. "Gangs in the Workplace." Morewitz, Stephen J.; Goldstein, Mark L.. Springer, New York. (2014): 103-108
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