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Abraham, Kristen M, Zongshan Lai, Nicholas W Bowersox, David E Goodrich, Stephanie Visnic, Jeffrey P Burk, and Amy M Kilbourne. "Healthcare Utilization Prior to Loss-to-Care Among Veterans with Serious Mental Illness." Psychiatric Services. 64.6June 2013: 594-596
Abrams, Howard. "Eldred, Gideon and Their Aftermath." Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA. 60.4Fall 2013: 491
Alenezi, Mamdouh, Shadi Banitaan, and Kenneth Magel. "Efficient Bug Triaging Using Text Mining." Journal of Software. 8.9 (2013): 2185-2190
Aravindaksha, Shyam Prasad. "Use of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Membrane as Palatal Bandage." Clinical Advances in Periodontics. Kenneth S. Kornman, DDS, PhD, Michael S. Reddy, DMD, DMS. 7 April 2013
Arnett, M. R., J. M. Loewen, and L. M. Romito. "Use of Social Media by Dental Educators." Journal of Dental Education. Dr. Nadeem Karimbux. 77.11November 2013: 1402-1412
Barrios, Rita. "A Multi-leveled Approach to Intrusion Detection and the Insider Threat." Journal of Information Security. 4.1 (2013): 54-65
Barry, Michael. "Black Holes, Graveyards, and the Gravitational Force of What's Below: Mason's In Country." Papers on Language & Literature: A Journal for Scholars and Critics of Language and Literature. 49.2Spring 2013: 141-171
Belanger, Rachelle M., and Paul A. Moore. "A Comparative Analysis of Setae on the Pereiopods of Reproductive Male and Female Orconectes Rusticus (Decapoda: Astacidae)." Journal of Crustacean Biology. 33.3 (2013): 309-316
Belanger, Rachelle M, Stephanie B. Conant, and Gregory M. Grabowski. "Using Castration Surgery in Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus) to Demonstrate the Physiological Effects of Testosterone on Seminal Vesicle Anatomy in an Undergraduate Laboratory Setting." Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching. James Clack. 39.2 (2013): 25-31
Belanger, Rachelle, and Paul Moore. "A Comparative Analysis of Setae on the Pereiopods of Reproductive Male and Femal Orconectes Rusticus (Decapoda: Astacidae)." Journal of Crustacean Biology. 33.3 (2013): 309-316
Bhattacharya, Mithu, and Louis-Marie Ngamassi Tchouakeu. "Organizational Metaphors as Lenses for Analyzing the Roles of Middleware in Practice." International Journal of Information Systems & Social Change. John Wang. July 2013
Blume, Libby Balter. "[De]forming the Figure: Spatial Embodiment in Architectural Representation." Dichotomy (SOA Student Journal). Noah Resnich & Tadd Heidgerken, Advisors. 19.14/12 2013‡
Blume, Libby Balter. "Middle Childhood." Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies. Heather Montgomery. (2014)
Blume, Libby Balter. "Making Connections: Toward a Transdisciplinary Family Science." Journal of Family Theory & Review. Robert M. Milardo. 6.1March 2014: 1-4
Boyce, Bret. "The Magic Mirror of "Original Meaning": Recent Approaches to the Fourteenth Amendment." Maine Law Review. 66.1 (2013): 30-88
Britt-Smitt, Laurie Ann, Lisa Zimmerelli, Cinthia Gannett, and John Kerrigan. "Spread Out But Close: Conversations and Collaborations: Eloquentia Perfecta on 21st Century Jesuit Campuses." Conversations. 43 (2013): 20-21
Calleja, Nancy G. "Integrating Research into Practice: The Forward-Focused." Aggression and Violent Behavior. 18 (2013): 686-694
Cavanagh S.J., Gerald, Jeanne David, and Simon Hendry S.J.. "Using Principles of Catholic Social Thought to Evaluate Business Activities." Journal of Catholic Social Thought. Barbara Wall. 10.1Winter, 2013: 155-177
Danilczuk, Marek, Shulamith Schlick, and Frank D. Coms. "Detection of Radicals by Spin Trapping ESR in a Fuel Cell Operating With a Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) (SPEEK) Membrane." Macromolecules. 46.15 (2013): 6110-6117
Dauphin, Barry. "Therapists' Resistance to Understanding the Importance of Technology for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy." Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy. 12 (2013): 45-50
Dukhan, Nihad, Muntadher A. Al-Rammahi, and Ahmed S. Suleiman. "Fluid Temperature Measurements Inside Metal Foam and Comparison to Brinkman-Darcy Flow Convection Analysis." International Journal of Heat and Mass. 67December 2013: 877-884
Dukhan, Nihad, and Kamel Homan. "Comments on Two Analyses of Thermal Non-Equilibrium Darcy-Brinkman Convection in Cylindrical Porous Media." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 66November 2013: 440–443
Dukhan, Nihad, and Ahmed Suleiman. "Simulation of Entry-Region Flow in Open-Cell Metal Foam and Experimental Validation." Transport in Porous Media. 101.2January 2014‡: 229-246
Duryea, Daniel. "Cultural Competence and the Addiction Counselor." Counselor: Magazine for Addiction Professionals. 14.6December 2013: 46-50
Duryea, Daniel, and Nancy G. Calleja. "Current Expectations and Existing Deficits Among Addiction Counselors: Addressing the Gap." Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. 31.2 (2013): 254-269
Eisenhauer, Joseph G.. "Student Migration to Online Education: An Economic Model." Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education. 9.1Spring 2013: 19-28
Greene, Harold H., James M. Brown, and Bryce A. Paradis. "Luminance Contrast and the Visual Span During Visual Target Localization." Displays. 34.1 (2013)†: 27-32
Grobis, Greg. "Speaking of Justice: Telling the Story to Reach the Goal." Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education. 44Fall 2013 2013
Groh, Carla J.. "Depression in Rural Women: Implications for Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care Settings." Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. 25 (2013): 84-90
Hand, Jacqueline. "History Explains the Need for VAWA's New Protections for Native American Women." Domestic Violence Report. 85August/September 2013
Harris, Troy. "Customary International Arbitration Law." American Review of International Arbitration. 24.2 (2013): 245
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "Empathy and Alterity in Victorian Realism." Journal of Victorian Realism. 18.3 (2013)†: 412-415
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "Reading the Marriage Plot." Journal of Family Theory and Review. 6March 2014: 112-131
Hooman, Kamel, and Nihad Dukhan. "Theoretical Model to Predict Hydrodynamics of Foams." Transport in Porous Media. 100.3 (2013): 393–406.
Hutchinson, Robert. "Cost Accounting and Simulation: Towards a Post-Structuralist Understanding." Advances in Management Accounting. 22 (2013): 159-183
Jaffe, David, Larry Dubin, Amy Timmer, Tish Vincent, and Diane Van Aken. "Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs Panel on Best Practices Engaging Law Schools." Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law. 21.3 (2013): 609-636
Johnson, Barbara, Margaret Freundle, Maureen Anthony, Gregory Gmereck, and Jemica Carter. "Enhancing Veteran-Centric Care: A Guide for Nurses in Non-VA Settings." American Journal of Nursing. 113.7July 2013: 24-39|27|sl_10
Kesavan, Ram, Michael D. Bernacchi, and Oswald A. J. Mascarenhas. "Word of Mouse: CSR Communication and the Social Media." International Management Review. 9.1 (2013): 59-67
Kesavan, Ram, Oswald A. J. Mascarenhas, and Michael D. Bernacchi. "Ousourcing Service to India: A Review and New Evidences." International Management Review. 9.2 (2013): 36-44
Koelsch, David C.. "No Better View: Immigration Law Update." Detroit Legal New. 22 October 2013
Koelsch, David. "Embracing Mercy: Rehabilitation as a Means to Fairly and Efficiently Address Immigration Violations." Intercultural Human Rights Law Review. 8 (2013): 323-377
Kosinski, Timothy. "No Attached Keratinized Gingiva?: A Clinical Solution for the Clinician." Dentistry Today. 32.1January 2013: 132-135
Kosinski, Timothy. "Implant Overdenture Techniques Drastically Improve Patients' Quality of Life." Implant News & Views. 15.2March/April 2013: 1-4
Kosinski, Timothy. "Predictable Emergency Implat Placement: Maintaining the Buccal Plate With the Physics Forceps Extraction Technique." Dentistry Today. 32.2February 2013: 34-35
Kosinski, Timothy. "I Have A CBCT Scan - Now What Do I Do?: Restoring the Edentulous Maxilla with Dental Implants." Inclusive. 4.1Winter 2013: 54-63
Kosinski, Timothy. "A New Spin on Simple Molar Extractions: The Next Generation of the Physics Forceps." Dentistry Today. 32.7July 2013: 24
Kosinski, Timothy. "Bridging the Gap: Restoring Partially Edentulous Spaces and Maximizing Treatment Options with the Inclusive Tooth Prelacement System." Inclusive. 4.2 (2013): 49-54
Kosinski, Timothy. "Benefits of CBCT-Assisted Guided Surgery." Inclusive. 4.2 (2014): 83-84
Kosinski, Timothy. "Mini Implants for the Masses: Four Applications of Small Diameter Implants." Inclusive. 4.3 (2014): 56-66
Kosinski, Timothy. "Controlling Tissue Contours with a Prosthetically Driven Approach to Implant Dentistry." Inclusive. 4.3 (2014): 35-41
Kosinski, Timothy. "Improving Esthetics with Sequential Treatment Planning and Implant-Retained Dentures." Inclusive. 4.4 (2014): 64-71
Kwon, Edwin, Leyvee Cabanilla Jacobs, and Michelle Wheater. "Gingival Crevicular Fluid Levels of Thymosin Beta4 in Periodontal Health and Disease." Journal of Advanced Oral Research. 4.1 (2013): 1-6
Lancucki, Lukasz, Shulamith Schlick, Marek Danilczuk, Frank Coms, and Krzysztof Kruczala. "Sulfonated Poly(benzoyl paraphenylene) as a Membrane for PEM FC: Thermal and Chemical Stability." Polymer Degradation and Stability. 98.1 (2013): 3-11
Lancucki, Lukasz, Shulamith Schlick, Marek Danilczuk, Frank D. Coms, and Krzysztof Kruczala. "Sulfonated Poly(Benzoyl Paraphenylene) as a Membrane for PEMFC: Ex Situ and In Situ Experiments of Thermal and Chemical Stability." Polymer Degradation and Stability. 98.1 (2013): 3-11
Lietz, Irene. "Anyone Can Hurt You: Elaine's Attack and Defense." Language Arts Journal of Michigan. 28.2Spring 2013: 47-54
Lin, Lu, Marek Danilczuk, and Shulamith Schlick. "ESR Study of Chemical Reactions and Crossover Processes in a Fuel Cell: Effect of Membrane Thickness." Journal of Power Sources. 233 (2013): 98-103
Lin, Lu, Marek Danilczuk, and Shulamith Schlick. "Electron Spin Resonance Study of Chemical Reactions and Crossover Processes in a Fuel Cell: Effect of Membranc Thickness." Journal of Power Sources. 2331 July 2013: 98-103
Lockwood, Cristina. "Improving Learning in the Law School Classroom by Encouraging Students to Form Communities of Practice." Clinical Law Review. 20.1 (2013): 95-135
Maskey, Vishakha, Michael Strager, and Claudia Bernasconi. "Managing a Sustainable Transportation System: Exploring a Community’s Attitude, Perception, and Behavior of the Morgantown Public Rapid Transit (PRT)." Journal of Management and Sustainability. 3.2 (2013): 56-67
Maveal, Gary M.. "Book Review: Henry Ford's War on Jews and the Legal Battle Against Hate Speech." Michigan Bar Journal. 92.2 (2013): 54-55
McClelland, Molly, MaryAnne McCoy, and Roseanne Burson. "Clinical Nurse Specialists: Then, Now & the Future of the Profession." Clinical Nurse Specialist Journals. 27.2March/April 2013: 96-102
Mikek, Clinton, Tom Wakerly, Ben West, Shelby Maurice, Mitch Sable, Andrew Diefenbach, Witold Fuchs, Tim Gornall, and Mark A. Benvenuto. "The Thermite Demostration Revisted: A Dramatic, Yet Safe Combustion." MSTA Journal. 58.2Fall 2013: 25-28
Moe, Jeffry, Keith Cates, and Victoria Sepulveda. "Wicca & Neo-Paganism: A Primer for Counselors." Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory, & Research. Marvarene Oliver. 40.1Spring 2013: 38-47
Mohorovic, Jennifer M., and Elizabeth M. Hill. "Understanding How Age Affects the Relationships Between Well-Known Predictors of Volunteerism and the Duration and Intensity of Volunteering." The International Journal of Volunteer Administration. 30.1 (2013): 59-72
Moore, Andrew, Cara Cunningham, and Margaret Costello. "The Globalization of Legal Education." Michigan Bar Journal. 92.11November 2013: 40-42
Osayonde, Deonte. "Three in the Morning; Door was Left Unlocked for Someone Else; Mass; Monday, or Just Another Day; Peace of a Turbulent Mind." Euonia Review. March 2013
Pangrazio-Kulbersh, Valmy, Brynn Jezdimir, Mariana de Deus Haughey, Richard Kulbersh, Paul Wine, and Richard Kaczynski. "CBCT Assessment of Alveolar Buccal Bone Level After RME." Angle Orthodontist. 83.1 (2013): 110-116
Pangrazio-Kulbersh, Valmy, Brynn Jezdimir, Mariana deDeus Haughey, Richard Kulbersh, Paul Wine, and Richard Kaczynski. "CBCT Assessment of Alveolar Buccal Bone Level After RME." Angle Orthodontists. 83.1January 2013: 110-116
Peterson, Evan A.. "Compliance and Ethics Programs: Competitive Advantage Through the Law." Journal of Management and Governance. 17.4 (2013): 1027-1045
Peterson, Evan A. "Caffeine Catastrophe: Energy Drinks, Product Liability, and Management Strategy." International Journal of Marketing Studies. 22 (2013): 159-183
Pickover, Sheri, and Linda Slowik. "Repercussions of Mortgage Foreclosure: Loss of Place Attachment, Adult Roles and Trust." AdultSpan Journal. 12.2October 2013: 113-123
Presbey, Gail. "Women’s Empowerment: The Insights of Wangari Maathai." Journal of Global Ethics. 9.3 (2013)‡: 277-292
Presbey, Gail. "Evaluating the Legacy of Nonviolence in South Africa." Journal of Natal and Zulu History, Special Edition: 1913, Satyagraha, Passive Resistance and its Legacy. 31.2December 2013‡: 139-168
Rombes, Nicholas. "The Aarspeth Imbroglio." 3:AM Magazine. 17 January 2013
Rombes, Nicholas. "Doppelganger." The Believer. 11.3 (2013)
Rombes, Nicholas. "The Pixel Trade." Vol. 1 Brooklyn. 27 October 2013
Rombes, Nicholas. "Time Frames: Cracking the Archives of Early Cinema." Filmmaker. (2013)
Roucka, Toni M., Pamela Zarkowski, Evelyn Donate-Bartfield, and Donald E. Patthoff. "Ethical Obligations and the Dental Office Team." Journal of the American College of Dentists. 80.4Winter 2019: 49-58
Sabbaghi, Omid, and J. Matthew Lupton. "The Orphan Equity Market: Recent Evidence." Journal of Applied Finance. 23.1 (2013): 48-56
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Min Xu. "ROE and Corporate Social Responsibility: Is There a Return on Ethics?." Journal of Accounting and Finance. 13.4 (2013): 82-95
Sabbaghi, Omid, Gerald F. Cavanagh, and T. Hipskind. "Service-Learning and Leadership: Evidence from Teaching Financial Literacy." Journal of Business Ethics. 118.1 (2013): 127-137
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Navid Sabbaghi. "An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Financial Instrument." Journal of Economics and Finance. 38.2 (2014): 209-234
Sands, Mark S., and Mark E. Dietrick. "A Holistic, Integrated BIM Vision: Functional Modeling as the Key." Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences, JBIM Edition: Building Information Modeling. June 2013: 18-21
Schlick, S., M. Danilczuk, and M. Spulber. "Using Spin Trapping Electron Spin Resonance for Determining the Degradation Mechanism of Membranes Used in Fuel Cells." Molecular Physics. 111.18-19 (2013): 2738-2745
Shen, Raphael S.J., and Victoria Mantzopoulos. "China’s Gradualism Approach to Systemic Transformation: Successes, Challenges.." Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business. 1.1Fall 2013
Shen, Raphael S.J., and Victoria Mantzopoulos. "China’s “Going-Out” Policy: Inception, Evolution, Implication." Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences. 25.4Fall 2013: 121-136
Smoczer, C, LN Hooker, S Brode, M Wolanski, Farhad Khosrow Shahian, and MJ Crawford. "The Xenopus Homeiobox Gene Pitx3 Impinges Upon Somitogenesis and Laterality." Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 91.2April 2013: 79-87
Souldatos, Ioannis. "Characterizing the Powerset by a Complete (Scott) Sentence.." Fundamenta Mathematicae. 222.2 (2013): 131-154
Weekes, Carmon V. N., and Theresa R. Wyatt. "The Three-Question Health Literacy Experience for Baccalaureate Nursing Students." Journal of Nursing Education. 52.12DOI: 10.3928/01484834-201 2013: 719-720
Weekes, Carmon V.N., Barbara K. Haas, and Kevin P. Gosselin. "Expectation and Self-Efficacy of African American Parents Who Discuss Sexuality with Their Adolescent Sons: An Intervention Study." Public Health Nursing. Sarah E. Abrams and Judith C. Hays. Sept 2013†
Yang, Fang. "The Uncertainty of Future Earnings Caused by R&D and Capital Expenditures: A Further Investigation." Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences. 26.1Spring 2014: 120-130
Zarkowski, Pamela. "An R.D.H. and Proud of It!." The Bulletin of the Michigan Dental Hygienists Association. 42.1Fall 2013: 36
Zeff, Larry, and Mary Higby. "The Tensions of Stability: A True Paradox." Business Research Yearbook. 20.2 (2013): 532-539
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