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Banitaan, Shadi, Mohammad Azzeh, and Ali Bou Nassif. "User Movement Prediction: The Contribution of Machine Learning Techniques." 15th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA). Anaheim, CA. 18-20 December 2016
Bağcı, Ö., A. Arbak, M. De Paepe, and N. Dukhan. "Experimental Results for Oscillatory Water Flow in 10-ppi Metal Foam at Low-Frequencies." 7th European Thermal-Sciences Conference. Krakow / Poland. 19-23 June 2016‡
Daimi, Kevin, Mustafa Saed, Scott Bone, and John Robb. "Securing Vehicle’s Electronic Control Units." The Twelfth International Conference on Networking and Services (ICNS 2016). Lisbon / Portugal. 26-30 June 2016
Daimi, Kevin, Mustafa Saed, Scott Bone, and Muhammad Rizwan. "Securing Vehicle ECUs Update Over the Air." The Twelfth Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT 2016). Valencia / Spain. 22-26 May 2016
Dukhan, Nihad, Özer Bağcı, and Altay Arbak. "The Thermal Entry Region of Water Flow in Aluminum Foam with High Porosity and 40 Pores per Inch." 2nd International Conference in Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Istanbul / Turkey. 10-13 May 2016‡
Dukhan, Nihad, Özer Bağcı, Alty Arbak, and Michel De Paepe. "Heat Transfer Measurements for Non-Darcy Flow in 10-ppi Metal Foam." International HVAC+R & Sanitary Technology Symposium. Istanbul / Turkey. 31-2 March - April 2016‡
Dukhan, Nihad. "Framing Students' Learning Problems of Thermodynamics." ASEE's 123rd Annual Conference & Exposition. New Orleans, LA. 26-29 June 2016
Fu, JingHan, Richard Hill, and Nassif Rayess. "Design and Simulation of a Pod-based Mobility Concept." 8th Americas Regional Conference of The International Society for Terrain Vehicle Systems. Troy, MI. 12-14 September 2016†‡
Ross, Robert, and Katherine Snyder. "Gender Effects in Physics Assessments of Kinematic Graphs." ASEE's 123rd Annual Conference & Exposition. New Orleans, LA. 26-19 June 2016
Sego, Timothy J, Yung-Ting Hsu, Tein-Min Gabriel Chu, and Andres Tovar. "On the Significance and Predicted Functional Effects of the Crown-to-Implant Ratio: A Finite Element Study of Long-Term Implant Stability Using High-Resolution, Nonlinear Numerical Analysis." 2016 IMECE International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Phoenix, AZ. 11-17 November 2016
Shi, Zheyuan, and Sindhu Kutty. "Strategic Reporting in Exponential Family Prediction Markets." 2016 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference. Boston, MA. 4-6 November 2016
Stanard, Virginia. "Lafayette Park: In-Between Urbanism." 105th Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Annual Meeting. Detroit, MI. 23-25 March 2017
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