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Abdul-Hak, Mohammad, Nizar Al-Holou, and Utayba Mohammad. "ITS Based Predictive Intelligent Battery Management System for Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles." Electric Vehicles Book 2. Seref Soylu. InTech Publisher, (2011): 365-384
Barry, Michael. "Afterwords: Ways to Truth: Representative Samples and Innovative Juxtapositions." Gender, Multiculturalism and Re-Visioning: Creating and Fostering Literary Communities. Raihanah M.M.; Hashim, Ruzy Suliza; Noraini, Yusof; Lazim, Zalina Mohd. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press, Serdang. (2011): 110-123
Barry, Michael. "Whose History is Embedded in Global Languages (and What if Nobody Notices)?." Language and Cultural Diversity: Global Realities & Challenges. Ming, Thang Siew; Krish, Pramela; Fei, Wong Fook; Kee, Lin Luck; Mustafa, Jamilah; Maros, Marlyna. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press, Serdang. (2011): 26-52
Blume, Libby Balter, Annita Sani, and Menatalla Ads. "Family Life Education with Arab Immigrant Families." Family Life Education with Diverse Populations. Ballard, Sharon; Taylor, Alan (Eds.). Sage Publications, (2012): 211-233
Dasgupta, Abhijit. "Defining Randomness in Sequences." Philosophy of Statistics, Vol. 7 (Handbook of Philosophy of Science. Bandyopadhyay, Prasanta, Forster, Malcolm. Elsevier, (2011): 641-710
Hazen, Mary Ann. "Reflections on Polyphonic Organization." in The Routledge Companion to Organizational Change Change. Boje, D., B. Burnes & J. Hassard, Eds.. Routledge, London. (2011): 466-475
MacDonald, Douglas. "Spiritual Identity: Individual Approaches." Handbook of Identity Theory and Research: Volume 2- Domains and Categories. Schwartz, S. J., Luyckx, K., Vignoles, V. L.. Springer, (2011): 531-544
Mattana, Durinda. "Fluorides." Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, Eleventh Ed.. Wilkins, Esther M.. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA. (2012): 545-568
McClelland, Molly.. "Nursing Students Learn Burn Patient Story." Still on Fire. McCoy, Delbert. Victory Entertainment, (2011)
Misbahuddin, Syed, and Nizar Al-Holou. "Fault Tolerant Remote Terminal Units in SCADA System." Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications: Systems and Methodologies. Junaid Zubairi and Athar Mahboob. IGI Global Publishing, (2011): 168-178
Presbey, Gail. "“La Lotta per il Riconoscimento Applicata alla Situazione Sudafricana Come Appello per Una ‘African Renaissance’”." Lotte, Riconoscimento, Diritti,. Antonio Carnevale and Irene Strazzeri (eds.),. University Press of Perugia,, (2011): 385-419
Robinson-Dunn, Diane. "Introduction." Letters from Egypt. Lucie Duff Gordon. Gorgius Press, (2010): 40
Rombes, Nicholas. "Supernova." Far-flung and Foreign. Litchfield, Nicholas, ed.. Lowestoft Chronicle Press, Cambridge, MA. (2012): 41-49
Watts-Tate, Nutrena, Jonnie Perryman-Hamilton, and . "Taking the Pulse of Our Communities: The State of Black Public Health in the Obama Era." Reading African American Experiences in the Obama Era: Theory, Advocacy, Activism. Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth, Brooks-Tatum, Shanesha. Peter Lang, New York. (2012): 227-240
Zarkowski, Pamela. "Ethical and Legal Issues." Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene, Seventh Ed.. Darby, Michele Leonardi. Elsevier, St. Louis, MO. (2012): 868-898
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