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Ahmad, Maha, Naama Sleiman, Maureen Thomas, Nahid Kashani, and Marcia Ditmyer. "Use of High-Definition Audiovisual Technology in a Gross Anatomy Laboratory: Effect on Dental Students’ Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction." Journal of Dental Education. 80.2 (2016): 128-132
Alazzam, Iyad, Mohammed Akour, Shadi Banitaan, and Feras Hanandeh. "Feature-Based Test Focus Selection Technique Using Classes Connections Weight." International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems. 7.1 (2016): 33-44
Anthony, Maureen. "Religion and Care Intertwined: Nursing in Catholic Hospitals 1950-1965." Journal of Christian Nursing. 33.1 (2016): 38-43
Baker, Stokes S., and Eric Spicuzza. "Energy Storage in Plants: Should Biofuels be Made from Seeds or Leaves and Stems?." PlantED Digital Library. Botanical Society of Americal. In press 2016
Baker, Stokes S. "A Quantitative Investigations of Plants Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Using a Home-Made Camera Attachment." PlantED Digital Library. Botanical Society of America. 5 January 2016
Baldwin, John T., Martin Koerwien, and Ioannis Souldatos. "The Joint Embedding Property and Maximal Models." Archive for Mathematical Logic. 28 March 2016: 1-21
Belanger, Rachelle, Lauren Mooney, Hung Nguyen, Noor Abraham, Tyler Peters, Maria Kana, and Lauren May. "Acute Atrazine Exposure has Lasting Effects on Chemosensory Responses to Food Odors in Crayfish (Orconectes virilis)." Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 70.2 (2016)†: 289-300
Davis, Joan, Margie Arnett, Jill Loewen, Laura Romito, and Sara Gordon. "Tobacco Dependence Education: A Survey of US and Canadian Dental Schools." Journal of the American Dental Association. 5 February 2016: 1-8
Finkenbine, Roy E. "Love and Danger on the Underground Railroad: George and Edy Duncan's Journey to Freedom, 1820." Ohio History. 123.1 (2016): 7-25
Gadalla, Hana, Monica Lamble, Junu Ojha, Sohayla Mammo, and Bassam Kinaia. "Common Oral Gingival Lesions." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 98.4 (2016): 44-47
Groh, Carla J., and Katherine J. Moran. "Depression and Diabetes in a Primarily African American Female Population." Issues in Mental Health Nursing. 37.2 (2016)†: 106-112
Hill-Vasquez, Heather. "What Scout Wished For? An Intersectional Pedagogy for To Kill a Mockingbird and the Hunger Games." Signal Journal: The Journal of the International Literacy Association's Special Interest Group. Sean Connors. 39.1 (2016): 16-23
Kang, He-Kyong, Tien-Min Chu, Paul Dechow, Kelton Stewart, Hee-Moon Kyung, and Sean Shih-Yao Liu. "Laser-Treated Stainless Steel Mini-Screw Implants: 3D Surface Roughness, Bone-Implant Contact, and Fracture Resistance Analysis." The European Journal of Orthodontics. 38.2 (2016): 154-162
Keep, Suzanne M., Alice Reiffer, and Thomas E. Bahl. "Supporting Self-management of Asthma Care." Home Healthcare Now. Maureen Anthony PhD, RN. 34.3March 2016: 126-134
Kolewole, Abimbola O., Mariam B. Gonzalez-Hernandez, Holly Turula, Chenchen Yu, Michael D. Elftman, and Christiane E. Wobus. "Oral Norovirus Infection Is Blocked in Mice Lacking Peyer's Patches and Mature M Cells." Journal of Virology. López, S.. 90.3 (2016): 1499-1506
Kozicki, Zigmond. "The Global Imperative: “World Wellness”." Perspectives on Global Development and Technology. Jerry Harris & Dwight Haase. 15.1/2 (2016): 213-235
Loewen, Jill, Mat Savaya, and Zainab Mackie. "Health Profession Student Perception on Hookah Use and Curriculum." Health Care: Current Reviews. 4.1 (2016): 1-6
McClelland, Molly L., Carmon V. N. Weekes, Hussein Bazzi, Joshua Warwinsky, Wassim Abourarabi, Felicia Snell, and Tarick Salamey. "Perception of Obesity in African American and Arab American Minority Groups." Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. Cato Laurencin. 3.1 (2016): 160-167
Morgan, Sarah J., Emily L. French, Joshua J. Thomson, Craig P. Seaborn, Christian A. Shively, and Eric S. Krukonis. "Formation of an Intramolecular Periplasmic Disulfide Bond in TcpP Protects and TcpH from Degradation in Vibrio cholerae." Journal of Bacteriology. 198.3 (2016): 498-509
Morris, Chad, Donna Richardson, Jill Loewen, Laura VanHeest, Angela Brumley-Shelton, and Maria Feo. "An Interdisciplinary Response to a Tobacco Cessation Case Vingette." Journal of Smoking Cessation. 28 March 2016: 1-12
Rizk, Susan, Valmy Pangrazio Kulbersh, and Riyad Al-Qawasmi. "Changes in the Oropharyngeal Airway of Class II Patients Treated With the Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance." Angle Orthodontist. Online First 2016: 1-7
Roucka, Toni M., Pamela Zarkowski, Evelyn Donate-Bartfield, and Donald E. Patthoff. "Ethical Obligations and the Dental Office Team." 80.4Winter 2019: 49-58
Saunders, Mitzi M, Deborah L Hale, and Karen Harris. "Clinical Nurse Specialists’ Perceptions of Care for Vulnerable Patients." Holistic Nursing Practice. 30.2 (2016)†: 64-69
Schumack, Mark. "A Computational Model for a Rocket Mass Heater." Applied Thermal Engineering. 93 (2016)‡: 763-778
Zakhary, Ibrahim, and Abraham Khanafer. "A Rare Incidence of Gorham's Disease with Limited Involvement to The Maxilla. Case Report.." British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. January 2016: 1-2
Zakhary, Ibrahim, Fawwaz Alotibi, Jill Lewis, Karl Wenger, Mohammed Sharawy, and Regina L. W. Messer. "Inherent Physical Characteristics and Gene Expression Differences Between Alveolar and Basal Bone." Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology. March 2016: 1-8
Zivin, Kara, Matheos Yosef, Debra S. Levine, Kristen M. Abraham, Erin M. Miller, Jennifer Henry, C. Beau Nelson, Paul N. Pfeiffer, Rebecca K. Sripada, Molly Harrod, and Marcia Valenstein. "Employment Status, Employment Functioning, and Barriers to Employment Among VA Primary Care Patients." Journal of Affective Disorders. 193 (2016): 194-202
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