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Abraham, Kristen M., and Catherine H. Stein. "Stress-Related Personal Growth Among Emerging Adults Whose mothers Have Been Diagnosed With Mental Illness." Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. 38.3 (2015): 227-233
Ahmad, Maha, Naama Sleiman, Maureen Thomas, Nahid Kashani, and Marcia Ditmyer. "Use of High-Definition Audiovisual Technology in a Gross Anatomy Laboratory: Effect on Dental Students’ Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction." Journal of Dental Education. 80.2 (2016): 128-132
Al-Rawi, Wisam, Lauren Easterling, and Paul C. Edwards. "Development of a Mobile Device Optimized Cross Platform-Compatible Oral Pathology and Radiology Spaced Repetition System for Dental Education." Journal of Dental Education. 79.4 (2015): 439-447
Alazzam, Iyad, Mohammed Akour, Shadi Banitaan, and Feras Hanandeh. "Feature-Based Test Focus Selection Technique Using Classes Connections Weight." International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems. 7.1 (2016): 33-44
Anthony, Maureen. "Religion and Care Intertwined: Nursing in Catholic Hospitals 1950-1965." Journal of Christian Nursing. 33.1 (2016): 38-43
Archey, Dawn, Dominic Rinna, and Mauricio Zammora Michel. "The Effect of Different Measures of Winter Severity on Models of Wolf-Deer Interactions." Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics. 3.3September 2015: 1-9
Azzeh, Mohammad, Ali Bou Nassif, Shadi Banitaan, and Fadi Almasalha. "Pareto Efficient Multi Objective Optimization for Local Tuning of Analogy Based Estimation." Neural Computing and Applications. September 2015: 1-30
Baiardi, Janet M., Laura Gultekin, and Barbara L. Brush. "Using Sociograms to Enhance Power and Voice in Focus Groups." Public Health Nursing. Patricia Kelly. 32.5 (2015): 584-591
Baker, Stokes S., and Eric Spicuzza. "Energy Storage in Plants: Should Biofuels be Made from Seeds or Leaves and Stems?." PlantED Digital Library. Botanical Society of Americal. In press 2016
Baker, Stokes S. "A Quantitative Investigations of Plants Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Using a Home-Made Camera Attachment." PlantED Digital Library. Botanical Society of America. 5 January 2016
Balasundaram, Ashok, Gary M. Heir, Francisco Plaza Villegas, Maha Ahmad, and Fatima Taher. "In Vitro Correlation of the Level of Inferior Alveolar Canal with CBCT Imaging." Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy. 37.6 (2015): 591-597
Baldwin, John T., Martin Koerwien, and Ioannis Souldatos. "The Joint Embedding Property and Maximal Models." Archive for Mathematical Logic. 28 March 2016: 1-21
Banasik, MaryJo D., and Jennifer L. Dean. "Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Learning Communities: Bridging the Divide to Enhance Teaching Quality." Innovative Higher Education. Libby V. Morris. 21 November 2015
Banitaan, Shadi, and Mamdouh Alenezi. "Software Evolution via Topic Modeling: An Analytic Study." International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications. 9.5 (2015): 43-52
Bağcı, Özer, Nihad Dukhan, and Levent A. Kavurmacıoğlu. "Forced-Convection Measurements in the Fully-Developed and Exit Regions of Open-Cell Metal Foam." Transport in Porous Media. 109.2 (2015)‡: 513-526
Bağcı, Özer, Nihad Dukhan, and Mustafa Özdemir. "Various Flow Regimes and Permeabilities for Packed-Spheres Porous Media." Defect and Diffusion: Recent Developments of Diffusion Processes and Their Applications. 354 (2015)‡: 1-8
Belanger, Rachelle, Lauren Mooney, Hung Nguyen, Noor Abraham, Tyler Peters, Maria Kana, and Lauren May. "Acute Atrazine Exposure has Lasting Effects on Chemosensory Responses to Food Odors in Crayfish (Orconectes virilis)." Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 70.2 (2016)†: 289-300
Bhattacharya, Mithu. "A Conceptual Framework of RFID Adoption in Retail Using Rogers Stage Model." Business Process Management Journal. 21.3 (2015): 517-540
Bozimowski, Greg. "A Review of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs." AANA Journal. Charles Biddle. 83.6 (2015): 425-433
Brailo, Vlaho, Francis John Firriolo, Takako Imai Tanaka, Elena Varoni, Rosemary Sykes, Michael McCullough, Hong Hua, Alexandra Sklavounou, Siri Beier Jensen, Peter B. Lockhart, Ulf Mattsson, and Mats Jontell. "World Workshop on Oral Medicine VI: Utilization of Oral Medicine-Specific Software for Support of Clinical Care, Research, and Education: Current Status and Strategy for Broader Implementation." Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology. 120.2 (2015): 172-184
Broughton, Richard. "Jones, Lackey, and Teague." John Marshall Law Review. 48 (2015): 1-34
Broughton, Richard. "The Snowden Affair and the Limits of American Treason." Lincoln Memorial University Law Review. 3.1 (2015): 5-35
Brown, Paul, Warren Wagner, and Hyden Choi. "Orthodontic Bracket Slot Dimensions as Measured From Entire Bracket Series." Angle Orthodontist. 85.4 (2015): 678-682
Buehler, Cheryl, and Libby Balter Blume. "Introduction to the Special Issue: Metatheory and Metamethod." Journal of Family Theory & Review. Libby Balter Blume. 7.4 (2015): 347-349
Burke, Constance. "Quick Recertification Series: Irritable Bowel Syndrome." Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 28.9 (2015): 54-55
Bushong, Brandon, Munther Haddow, Kiran Agarwal, Natasha Kapoor, and Kinaia Bassam. "Xenogeneic Collagen Matrix-Supported Vestibuloplasty to Increase Keratinized Gingiva around Dental Implants: A Literature Review and Case Report." Oral Health and Dental Management. 14.5 (2015): 284-288
Cavanagh, Gerald F. "Benchmarks for Jesuit Business Education: Lessons for Presidents, Provosts, Deans and Search Committees." Journal of Jesuit Business Education. Stephen J. Porth. 6.1 (2015): 53-70
Corrigan, Catherine. "Search Engine Secrets: Finding Reliable Health Information." Nursing 2015. 45.9September 2015: 1-3
Davis, Joan, Margie Arnett, Jill Loewen, Laura Romito, and Sara Gordon. "Tobacco Dependence Education: A Survey of US and Canadian Dental Schools." Journal of the American Dental Association. 5 February 2016: 1-8
Dereczyk, Amy. "Academic Integrity Across Physician Assistant Programs in the United States." Journal of the Physician Assistant Education Association. 26.3 (2015): 126-129
Dukhan, Nihad, Özer Bağcı, and Levent Ali Kavurmacıoğlu. "Effect of Frequency on Heat Transfer Due to Oscillating Water Flow in Open-Cell Metal Foam: An Experimental Study." Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 66 (2015)‡: 97-105
Dukhan, Nihad, Özer Bağcı, and Mustafa Özdemir. "Thermal Development in Open-Cell Metal Foam: An Experiment with Constant Wall Heat Flux." International Journal of Heat Mass Transfer. 88 (2015)‡: 852-859
Duryea, Daniel G., Nancy G. Calleja, and Douglas A. MacDonald. "Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs by College Students With Minority Sexual Orientations." Journal of College Student Psychotherapy. 29.2 (2015): 147–159
Eisenhauer, Joseph G. "Statistical Gestalt: Illustrating Interaction with Indicator Variables." General Linear Model Journal. 41.1 (2015): 36-45
Elmadawy, A., A. Hegab, H. Alahmady, and M. Shuman. "Clinical and Electromyographic Assessment of Facial Nerve Function After Temporomandibular Joint Surgery." International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 44.10 (2015): 1275-1280
Elsalanty, Mohammed E., Veera Malavia, Ibrahim Zakhary, Timothy Mulone, Elias D. Kontogiorgos, Paul C. Dechow, and Lynne A. Opperman. "Dentate Transport Discs Can Be Used to Reconstruct Large Segmental Mandibular Defects." Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 73.4 (2015): 745-758
Elsouhag, D., B. Arnetz, H. Jamil, M. A. Lumley, C. L. Broadbridge, and J. Arnetz. "Factors Associated with Healthcare Utilization Among Arab Immigrants and Iraqi Refugeesre." Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 17.5 (2015): 1305-1312
Farkhondeh, A., and J. R. Geist. "Evaluation of Web-Based Interactive Instruction in Intraoral and Panoramic Radiographic Anatomy." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 97.7 (2015): 34-38
Finkenbine, Roy E. "Love and Danger on the Underground Railroad: George and Edy Duncan's Journey to Freedom, 1820." Ohio History. 123.1 (2016): 7-25
Flores, Juan Carlos. "The Intersection of Philosophy and Theology: Henry of Ghent on the Scope of Metaphysics and the Background in Aquinas and Bonaventure." Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia. 71.2-3 (2015): 531-544
Gadalla, Hana, Monica Lamble, Junu Ojha, Sohayla Mammo, and Bassam Kinaia. "Common Oral Gingival Lesions." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 98.4 (2016): 44-47
Ghazal, Tariq S., Daniel J. Caplan, Howard J. Cowen, and Deise Oliveira. "Factors Related to Receipt of Dental Care in Eastern Iowa Nursing Facilities." Special Care in Dentistry. 35.4 (2015): 175-181
Gibney, Nancy, and Sue Homant. "A Graphic Novel Project for Identifying Scholarly Journals and Supporting Classroom Instruction of Informational Text." Michigan Reading Journal - A Journal of the Michigan Reading Association. Patricia A. Edwards and Tanya S. Wright. 48.1 (2015)‡: 37-43
Goldman, Lee. "From Calder to Walden and Beyond: The Proper Application of the "Effects Test" in Personal Jurisdiction Cases." San Diego Law Review. 52 (2015): 1-42
Groh, Carla J., and Joan C. Urbancic. "The Impact of a Lifestyle Change Program on the Mental Health of Obese Under-Served African American Women." Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. 29.2 (2015): 76-82
Groh, Carla J., and Katherine J. Moran. "Depression and Diabetes in a Primarily African American Female Population." Issues in Mental Health Nursing. 37.2 (2016)†: 106-112
Henze, Erin E.C., Kathryn E. Jaspers, Krystle Wilson, and Sharla N. Fasko. "The Nature and Extent of Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder in the School Psychology Journals." Trainers’ Forum: Journal of the Trainers of School Psychologists. 33.3 (2015): 36-56
Hill-Vasquez, Heather. "What Scout Wished For? An Intersectional Pedagogy for To Kill a Mockingbird and the Hunger Games." Signal Journal: The Journal of the International Literacy Association's Special Interest Group. Sean Connors. 39.1 (2016): 16-23
Howie, R. Nicole, James L. Borke, Zoya Kurago, Asma Daoudi, James Cray, Ibrahim E. Zakhary, Tara L. Brown, J. Nathan Raley, Loan T. Tran, Regina Messer, Fardous Medani, and Mohammed E. Elsalanty. "A Model for Osteonecrosis of the Jaw with Zoledronate Treatment Following Repeated Major Trauma." PLOS ONE. 17 July 2015
Jaspers, Kathryn, Noga Sundberg, Gail Cheramie, Jaymie Hoffman, and Erin E.C. Henze. "The comparative effectiveness of two addition math fact interventions: Modified incremental rehearsal and cover, copy, compare.." Research and Practice in the Schools. 3.1 (2015): 58-71
Kang, He-Kyong, Tien-Min Chu, Paul Dechow, Kelton Stewart, Hee-Moon Kyung, and Sean Shih-Yao Liu. "Laser-Treated Stainless Steel Mini-Screw Implants: 3D Surface Roughness, Bone-Implant Contact, and Fracture Resistance Analysis." The European Journal of Orthodontics. 38.2 (2016): 154-162
Keep, Suzanne M., Alice Reiffer, and Thomas E. Bahl. "Supporting Self-management of Asthma Care." Home Healthcare Now. Maureen Anthony PhD, RN. 34.3March 2016: 126-134
Kolewole, Abimbola O., Mariam B. Gonzalez-Hernandez, Holly Turula, Chenchen Yu, Michael D. Elftman, and Christiane E. Wobus. "Oral Norovirus Infection Is Blocked in Mice Lacking Peyer's Patches and Mature M Cells." Journal of Virology. López, S.. 90.3 (2016): 1499-1506
Koutrach, Mohamad, Bassam M. Kinaia, and Harold E. Goodis. "Improving Peri-implant Soft Tissue Profiles Using a Novel Immediate Provisionalization and Flapless Implant Placement Technique: Case Presentation." Journal of Implant and Advanced Clinical Dentistry. 7.1 (2015): 21-29
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Lin, Yu Peng. "Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business Accreditation: A Long-Term Perspective." Business Education & Accreditation. 7.1 (2015): 25-32
Loewen, Jill, Mat Savaya, and Zainab Mackie. "Health Profession Student Perception on Hookah Use and Curriculum." Health Care: Current Reviews. 4.1 (2016): 1-6
MacIntosh, Robert B., Faisal Khan, and Bret M. Waligora. "Chondrosarcoma of the Temporomandibular Disc: Behavior Over a 28-Year Observation Period." Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 73.3 (2015): 465-574
MacIntosh, Robert Bruce, Prasanna-Kumar Shivapuja, and Rabia Naqvi. "Scleroderma and the Temporomandibular Joint: Reconstruction in 2 Variants." Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 73.6 (2015): 1199-1210
Mackie, Zainab, Jill Loewen, and Mat Savaya. "Evaluation of a Comprehensive Tobacco Dependence Treatment Program: Dental Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness and Clinical Practice." Journal of Dental Education. Dr. Nadeem Karimbux. 79.8 (2015): 949-958
Malmstrom, H., A. Dellanzo-Savu, J. Xiao, C. Feng, A. Jabeen, M. Romero, J. Huang, Y. Ren, and M. A. Yunker. "Clinical Performance and Patient Satisfaction of Direct Fibre-Reinforced Composite Fixed Partial Dentures – A Two-Year Clinical Study." Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. 42.12 (2015): 906-913
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McClelland, Molly, Mary-Margaret Crombez, Catherine Crombez, Catherine Wenz, Margaret Lisius, Amanda Mattia, and Suzanne Marku. "Implications for Advanced Practice Nurses When Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder With Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS) Is Suspected: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Martha K. Swartz, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN. 29.5 (2015): 442-452
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Moore, Andrew. "The Arc of Reform?: What the Era of Prohibition May Tell Us About The Future of Immigration Reform." Georgetown Immigration Law Journal. 28 (2014): 1-44
Morgan, Sarah J., Emily L. French, Joshua J. Thomson, Craig P. Seaborn, Christian A. Shively, and Eric S. Krukonis. "Formation of an Intramolecular Periplasmic Disulfide Bond in TcpP Protects and TcpH from Degradation in Vibrio cholerae." Journal of Bacteriology. 198.3 (2016): 498-509
Morris, Chad, Donna Richardson, Jill Loewen, Laura VanHeest, Angela Brumley-Shelton, and Maria Feo. "An Interdisciplinary Response to a Tobacco Cessation Case Vingette." Journal of Smoking Cessation. 28 March 2016: 1-12
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Spallek, Heiko, Sharon P. Turner, Evelyn Donate-Bartfield, David Chambers, Maureen McAndrew, Pamela Zarkowski, and Nadeem Karimbux. "Social Media in the Dental School Environment, Part A: Benefits, Challenges, and Recommendations for Use." Journal of Dental Education. 79.10 (2015): 1140-1152
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Zivin, Kara, Matheos Yosef, Debra S. Levine, Kristen M. Abraham, Erin M. Miller, Jennifer Henry, C. Beau Nelson, Paul N. Pfeiffer, Rebecca K. Sripada, Molly Harrod, and Marcia Valenstein. "Employment Status, Employment Functioning, and Barriers to Employment Among VA Primary Care Patients." Journal of Affective Disorders. 193 (2016): 194-202
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