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Abraham, Kristen M., Christopher J. Miller, Denis G. Birgenheir, Zongshan Lai, and Amy M. Kilbourne. "Self-Efficacy and Quality of Life Among People With Bipolar Disorder." Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 202.8 (2014): 583-588
Abraham, Kristen M., Dara Ganoczy, Matheos Yosef, Sandra G. Resnick, and Kara Zivin. "Receipt of employment services among Veterans Health Administration users with psychiatric diagnoses." Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 51.3 (2014): 401-414
Ahmad, Maha, Jay Williams, Reem Al-Abbousi, and Michelle Wheater. "Substance P Concentration in Saliva of Patients who Report Dental Pain." Journal of Advanced Oral Research. 5.2 (2014)†: 1-5
Aksu, Mert. "Maintaining A Tradition of Clincial Education." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 96.9 (2014): 28-32
Anthony, Maureen, Jean Gash, and Carla Groh. "Exploring Professional Nursing Issues and Nurse Migration in Guyana: A Qualitative Study." Journal of Caribbean Nursing. 2.1 (2015)†: 6-18
Aravindaksha, Shyam Prasad, Puneet Batra, and Partha Sadhu. "Bilateral Alveolar Distraction for Large Alveolar Defects: Case Report." The Cleft Palate- Craniofacial Journal. 52.3 (2014): 1-3
Bagci, Ozer, Nihad Dukhan, and Mustafa Ozdemir. "Characteristics of oscillating liquid flow in foam-like highly-porous media: An experimental study." Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 60 (2014)‡: 96-105
Bagcı, Ozer, Nihad Dukhan, and Mustafa Özdemir. "Flow Regimes in Packed Beds of Spheres from Pre-Darcy to Turbulent." Transport in Porous Media. 104.3 (2014)‡: 501-520
Barron, Daniel A, and Jacob D Kagey. "The role of the Hippo pathway in human disease and tumorigenesis." Clinical and Translational Medicine. 3.7 (2014): 1-10
Barry, Michael. "Archaeology and Teleology in Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. 56.2 (2015)‡: 138-154
Batra, Puneet, Shyam Prasad Aravindaksha, Narendra Kumar, Meenu Goyal, and Saurabh Sonar. "Modified-casted Appliance for Surgically-assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion: A Clinical Report." Journal Of Indian Orthodontic Society. Gurkeerat Singh. 48.2 (2014): 134-138
Belanger, Rachelle, Tyler Peters, Gita Sabhapathy, Sana Khan, Juhi Katta, and Noor Abraham. "Atrazine Exposure Affects the Ability of Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) to Localize a Food Odor Source." Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. Online First 2015†
Belian, Julia. "Elective Share Needs Reform." DET. Legal News. 25 March 2014
Bennett-Garraway, Jocelyn M.. "Are Parenting Styles a Signifacant Factor in the Academic and Career Development of African American High School Students?." The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology. 3.1 (2014): 33-47
Bhattacharya, Mithu, and Samuel Fosso Wamba. "A Conceptual Framework of RFID Adoption in Retail Using TOE Framework." International Journal of Technology Diffusion. 6.1 (2015): 1-32
Blume, Libby Balter. "Enter Act II: JFTR, 2014-2018." Journal of Family Theory & Review. Libby Balter Blume. 7.1March 2015: 1-4
Bosnjakovic, Admira, Marek Danilczuk, Shulamith Schlick, Pa N. Xiong, Gregory M. Haugen, and Steven J. Hamrock. "An attempt to generate anion exchange membranes by amination of the perfluorinated 3M precursor leads to the hydrolysis of the precursor." Journal of Membrane Science. 467 (2014): 136-141
Boyce, Bret. "Sexuality and Gender Identity Under the Constitution of India." The Journal of Gender Race and Justice. 18Winter 2015: 1-56
Bozimowski, Gregory, Carla Groh, Patricia Rouen, and Micheal Dosch. "The Prevalence and Patterns of Substance Abuse Among Nurse Anesthesia Students." AANA Journal. 82.4 (2014): 277-283
Broughton, J. Richard. "The Ineludible (Constitutional) Politics of Guns." Connecticut Law Review. 46May 2014: 1345-1380
Broughton, J. Richard. "The Criminalization of Consensual Adult Sex After Lawrence." Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy. 28.1 (2014): 125-164
Brush, David, Marek Danilczuk, and Shulamith Schlick. "Phase Separation in Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) (SPEEK) Ionomers by Spin Probe ESR: Effect of the Degree of Sulfonation and Water Content." Macromolecules. 48.3 (2015): 637–644
Chang, Kai-Chiao J., Michelle A. Wheater, Levyee Cabanilla-Jacobs, and Luis A. Litonjua. ". Interleukins in Gingival Crevicular Fluid in Patients with Definitive Full Coverage Restorations." Compendium of Continuing Dental Education. 35.4 (2014)†: e18-24
Collins, Michelle, Janet Baiardi, Nutrena Tate, and Patricia Rouen. "Exploration of Social, Environmental and Familial Influences on the Sexual Health Practices of Urban African American Adolescents." Western Journal of Nursing Research. June OnlineFirst 2014: 1-17
Corrigan, Catherine P., and Andrea N. Kwasky. "Utilizing service-learning to promote a value based professional nursing curriculum." Creative Education. 5.21 (2014): 1848-1855
Corrigan, Catherine P., Andrea N. Kwasky, and Carla J. Groh. "Social Support, Postpartum Depression and Professional Assistance: A Survey of Mothers in the Midwestern United States." The Journal of Prenatal Educators. 24.1 (2015): 48-60
Costello, Margaret A.. "Fulfilling the Unfulfilled Promise of Gideon: Litigation as a Viable Strategic Tool." Iowa Law Review. 99.5 (2014): 1951-1978
Costello, Margaret. "Contaminated Water at Camp Lejeune: Is Relief in Sight for Those Affected?." Charleston Law Review. 9.1 (2014): 1-28
Crabtree-Sinnett, Claire. "Poem: Winter Dirge, Detroit." Third Wednesday Literary Journal. Laurence W. Thomas. 8.1 (2015): 9-10
Cunningham Warren, Cara. "Achieving the American Bar Association's Pedagogy Mandate: Empowerment in the Midst of a "Perfect Storm"." Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal. In Press 2014: 1-43
Daimi, Kevin, Xiaohui Zhong, Dahong Li, and Qinghua Lin. "A Collaborative Minor in Computational Physics." US-China Education Review A. 4.7 (2014)‡: 481-489
Dillon, Lisa M., Nicole T. Nowak, Kraig S. Shattuck, Glenn E. Weisfeld, Carol C. Weisfeld, E. Olcay Imamoglu, Marina Butovskaya, and Jiliang Shen. "When the Cat's Away, the Spouse Will Play: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Mate Guarding in Married Couples." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology. 12.2 (2014): 97-108
Dillon, Lisa M., Nicole Nowak, Glenn E. Weisfeld, Carol C. Weisfeld, Kraig S. Shattuck, Olcay E. Imamoglu, Marina Butovskaya, and Jiliang Shen. "Sources of Marital Conflict in Five Cultures." Evolutionary Psychology. 13.1 (2015): 1-15
Doering, Arthur, Warren C. Wagner, Susan B. Paurazas, and Michael M. Hoen. "Evaluation of Potential Apex Locator Induced Electrophoresis." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. Virginia Merchant. 96.10 (2014): 44-47
Dukhan, Nihad, Ozer Bagcı, and Mustafa Özdemir. "Metal Foam Hydrodynamics: Flow Regimes from Pre-Darcy to Turbulent." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 77 (2014)‡: 114-123
Dukhan, Nihad, Özer Bağcı, and Mustafa Özdemir. "Experimental Flow in Various Porous Media and Reconciliation of Forchheimer and Ergun Relations." Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 57 (2014)‡: 425-433
Eisenhauer, Joseph G.. "Charism and Commerce: Business Education in the Mercy Context." Journal of Catholic Higher Education. 33.1 (2014): 93-117
Eisenhauer, Joseph G.. "Labor Supply with Friedman-Savage Preferences." Studies in Economics and Finance. 31.2 (2014): 186-201
Garibaldi, Antoine M.. "The Expanding Gender and Racial Gap in American Higher Education." The Journal of Negro Education. 83.3 (2014): 371-384
Geist, James, Shin-Mey Geist, and LiMin Lin. "A cone beam CT investigation of ponticulus posticus and lateralis in children and adolescents." Dentomaxillofacial Radiology. 43.5 (2014): 20130451
Greene, Harold H., James M. Brown, and Barry Dauphin. "When do you look where you look? A visual field asymmetry." Vision Research. 102.1 (2014): 33-40
Gultekin, Laura, Barbara L. Brush, Janet M. Baiardi, Keri Kirk, and Kelley VanMaldeghem. "Voices From the Street: Exploring the Realities of Family Homelessness." Journal of Family Nursing. 20.4 (2014): 390-414
Hale, Deborah. "Influenza 101: What you Need to Know." Home Healthcare Nurse. 32.9 (2014): 525-530
Harris, Troy. "United States in ADR Guidelines for International Construction Projects." Int'l Bar Ass'n. (2014)
Harris, Troy. "Designing dispute resolution systems for integrated project delivery: challenges of multi-contract and multi-party arbitrations." Construction Law International. 9.4 (2014): 30-34
Harrison, Mary-Catherine. "Economics and Ethics in the Victorian Novel." Studies in the Novel. 46.3 (2014): 371-375
Hu, Hsiao-Lan. "“Māra, Samsāra, and Identity.”." Sakyadhita: International Association of Buddhist Women. 23.1Winter 2014: 6-9
Kelly, R.S.M., Mary, and Maureen Anthony. "The Last Generation of Sister Administrators: Insights about the Transition of Catholic Hospital Leadership." American Catholic Studies. 125.3 (2014)‡: 33-51
Kim, Suk Hi, Mario Martin-Hermosillo, and Junhua Jia. "The U.S.-China Trade Friction: Causes and Proposed Solutions." Journal of Applied Business and Economics. 16.5 (2014): 63-73
Kinaia, Bassam M., Maanas Shah, Anthony L. Neely, and Harold E. Goodis. "Crestal Bone Level Changes Around Immediate Place Implant: A Systematic review and Meta-Analyses With at Least 12 Months' Follow-Up After Functional Loading." Journal of Periodontology. Kornman. 85.11 (2014): 1537-1548
Kwasky, Andrea, and Carla Groh. "Vitamin D, Depression and Coping Self-Efficacy in young Women: Longitudinal Study." Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. 28.6 (2014): 362-367
Langvardt, Kyle. "The Replicator and the First Amendment." Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal. 25Fall 2014: 59-115
Langvardt, Kyle. "The Lawless Rule of the Norm in the Government Religious Speech Cases." Washington & Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice. 20 (2014): 405-455
Lin, Yu Peng. "Network Externality and Competing Strategy: Examples of Apple and Google." Empirical Economics Letters. 13.12 (2014)
Lin, Yu Peng. "The Fall of Detroit: A Financial Economist’s Point of View." International Journal of Economics and Finance. 6.7 (2014): 43-52
Lin, Yu Peng. "Equity Compensation and Organizational Survival: A Conceptual Framework." Journal of Accounting and Finance. 14.4 (2014)†: 141-152
Lockwood, Christina. "Creating Ambiguity in the Void for Vagueness Doctrine by Avoiding A Vaguness Determination in Review of Federal Laws." Syracuse Law Review. (2015)
Lockwood, Cristina. "Adhering to Professional Obligations: Amending ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.8(e) to Allow for Humanitarian Loans to Existing Clients." University of San Francisco Law Review. 48.1 (2014): 479-523
MacDonald, Lorri J.. "The Process of Implementing Electronic Portfolios into a Teacher Education Program: Pitfalls and Successes." National Social Science Journal. 42.1 (2014): 60-64
Meyer, Patrick. "Law Firm Legal Research Requirements and the Legal Academy Beyond Carnegie." Whittier Law Review. 35 (2014): 419-488
Meyers, Margaret A., Carla J. Groh, and Juliann Binienda. "Depression Screening and Treatment in Uninsured Urban Patients." Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 27.4July-August 2014: 520-529
Moe, Jeffrey L., Dilani Perera-Diltz, and Victoria Sepulveda. "Beyond competence: Fostering LGBTQQI ally development through supervision." Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling. 8.4December 2014: 389-401
Moran, Katherine, and Rosanne Burson. "Understanding the Patient Centered Medical Home." Home Healthcare Nurse. 32.8 (2014): 476-481
Morozov, Serhiy, Hossein Saiedian, and Hanzhang Whang. "Reusable Prime Number Labeling Scheme for Hierarchical Data Representation in Relational Databases." Journal of Computing and Information Technology. 22.1 (2014): 31-44
Nowak, Nicole T., Glenn E. Weisfeld, Olcay Imamoglu, Carol C. Weisfeld, Marina Butovskaya, and Jiliang Shen. "Attractiveness and Spousal Infedelity as Predicotrs of Sexual Fulfillment without the marrage Partner in Couples from Five Cultures." Human Ethology Bulletin. 29.1 (2014): 18-38
Patelarou, Athina, Evridiki Patelarou, Hero Brokalaki, Vassilis Dafermos, Linda Thiel, Christos Melas, and Evmorfia Koukia. "Current Evidence on the Attitudes, Knowledge and Perceptions of Nurses REgarding Evidence-BAsed Practice Implementation in European Community Settings: A Systematic Review." Journal of Community Health Nursing. 30.4 (2013): 230-244
Presbey, Gail M.. "Globalization and the Crisis in Detroit." Perspectives on Global Development and Technology. 14.1-2 (2015): 261-277
Presbey, Gail. "Attempts to create an Inter-ethnic and Inter-generational ‘National Culture’ in Kenya (Chinese Republication)." Diogenes. 60.2 (2014): 21-38
Sabbaghi, Omid, and Gerald F. Cavanagh. "Jesuit, Catholic, and Green: Evidence from Loyola University Chicago." Journal of Business Ethics. 127.2 (2015): 317-326
Sabbaghi, Omid. "The CAPM Regression and R." Journal of Financial Modeling and Educational Technology. January 2015
Saunders, Mitzi. "Home Health Care Nurses' Perceptions of Heart Failure Home Health Care." Home Health Care Management & Practice. 26.4 (2014): 217-222
Shoemaker, Dan, and Nancy R. Mead. "Evaluating Software Assurance knowledge and Competency of Acquisition Professionals." Cross Talk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. 27.5 (2014): 10-13
Souldatos, Ioannis. "Notes on cardinals that are characterizable by a complete (Scott) sentence." Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic,. 55.4 (2014): 533-551
Weekes, Carmon V.N., Barbara K. Haas, and Kevin Gosselin. "Expectations and Self-Efficacy of African American Parents Who Discuss Sexuality with their Adolescent Sons: An Intervention Study." Public Health Nursing. 31.3May/June 2014: 253-361
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