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Alavi, Zakia, and Nancy G. Calley. "Understanding the Use of Psychotropic Medications in the Child Welfare System: Causes, Consequences, and Proposed Solutions." Child Welfare. 91.2 (2012): 77-94
Aldhalimi, A., and J.P. Sheldon. "Stigmatic attitutdes of Arabs and Arab Americans toward schizophrenia." Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies. 10.2 (2012): 223-226
Balasundaram, Ashok, Punit Shah, Michael M. Hoen, Michelle A. Wheater, Josef S. Bringas, Arnold Gartner, and James R. Geist. "Comparison of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and Periapical Radiography in Predicting Treatment Decision for Periapical Lesions: A Clinical Study." International Journal of Dentistry. 2012 (2012): 1-8
Barry, Michael. "Washington, Jefferson, and Grant: Redundancy and Irony in Gaines's _A Lesson Before Dying_." Making Connections: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Cultural Diversity. Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and Betina Entzminger, Bloomsburg University. 13.2Spring 2012‡: 1-16
Barry, Michael. ""To Forget Your Place": Translation and Irretrievability in Cahan's The Rise of David Levinsky." Arizona Quarterly: A Journal of American Literature, Culture, and Theory. 68.4Winter 2012†‡: 79-104
Beal-Lloyd, Donna, and Carla Groh. "Dialysis and Sexuality." Nephrology Nursing Journal. 39.4July/August 2012: 281-284
Bhattacharya, Mithu. "Impact of RFID on the Retail Value Chain: An Exploratory Study Using a Mixed Method Approach." Journal of Technology Management and Innovation. 7.4December 2012: 36-49
Broughton, J. Richard. "Politics, Prosecutors, and the Presidency in the Shadows of Watergate." Chapman Law Review. 16 (2012): 161-eoa
Broughton, J. Richard. "Capital Prejudice." University of Memphis Law Review. 43.1 (2012): 135-170
Calley, Nancy G.. "Juvenile offender recidivism: An examination of risk.." Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. 21.1 (2012): 257-272
Conrad, Dianne, Patricia A Hanson, Susan M Hasenau, and Julia Stocker-Schneider. "Identifying the Barriers to Use of Standardized Nursing Language in the Electronic Health Record by the Ambulatory Care Nurse Practitioner." Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. 24.7July 2012: 443-51
Crabtree-Sinnett, Claire. "Article: “A Condition of Permanent Mourning: Resonances of Joyce in Alice McDermott’s At Weddings and Wakes and Charming Billy, “ British and American Studies XVIII, I (2012), 35-43.." (British and American Literature. Hortensia Parlog. XVIII.I (2012): 38-47
Daimi, Kevin. "Strengthening Elements of Teamwork, Innovation, and Creativity in a Software Engineering Program." The Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship. Sridhar Condoor. 3.1 (2012): 35-15
Dauphin, Barry, and Harold Greene. "Here’s Looking at You. Eye Movement Exploration of Rorschach Images." Rorschachiana. 33.1 (2012): 3-22
Dolar, Burak, and Fang Yang. "The 2007-2008 Financial Crisis and the Availability of Small Business Credit." Journal of Finance and Accountancy. Russell Baker. 12 (2012)
Dosch, M.P.. "Practice in Computer-Based Testing Improves Scores on the National Certification Examination for Nurse Anesthetists." AANA Journal. 80.4 (2012): S60-S66
Dukhan, Nihad, and Sujay Bodke. "Metal Foam-PCM Heat Storage Technology: The Charging Scenario." Electronics Cooling. June 2012: 8-11
Dukhan, Nihad, and Mohamed Ali. "On the Various Flow Regimes in Open-Cell Metal Foam." International Journal of Transport Phenomena. 13.2October 2012: 85–97
Dukhan, Nihad. "Analysis of Brinkman-Extended Darcy Flow in Porous Media and Experimental Verification Using Metal Foam." ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering. 134.7July 2012
Eisenhauer, Joseph. "Accuracy of Risk Aversion Approximations." Atlantic Economic Journal. 40.2June 2012: 147-160
Evans, Kendra, and Mark Benvenuto. "Use of Lewis Structures of Organic Compounds to Improve the Transfer of General Chemistry Concepts to Higher Level Science Courses." MSTA Journal. Annis Hapkiewicz. 57.1Spring 2012: 32-36
Freeman, John. "“Adopting Killer Ignatian Apps for Facebook: Employing Jesuit Pedagogy to Enrich Student Involvement in Social Media.”." Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal. 1.15 May 2012: 113-24
Freundl, Marge, Maureen Anthony, Barbara Johnson, Bonnie Harmer, Jemica Carter, Lina Boudiab, and Virginia Nelson. "A Dedicated Educaiton Unit: VA Medical Centers and Baccalaureate Nursing Programs." Journal of Professional Nursing. 28.6 (2012): 344-350
Gauci, M.A., and D.A. MacDonald. "Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist." Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma. 21.3 (2012): 321-330
Greene, Harold H., James M. Brown, and Bryce A. Paradis. "Luminance Contrast and the Visual Span During Visual Target Localization." Displays. 34.1 (2013)†: 27-32
Hill, E.M., and M. Monahan. "Naturalistic Observation in Public Settings: Applying for Institutional Review Board Approval." Human Ethology Bulletin. 27.1-2 (2012): 1-14
Kagey, Jacob, Jordan Brown, and Kenneth Moberg. "Regulation of Yorkie Activity in Drosophila Imaginal Discs by the Hedgehog Receptor Gene Patched." Mechanisms of Development. 129.9-12 (2012): 339-319
Kesavan, Ram, S.J. Mascarenhas, Jeanne M. David, and Michael D. Bernacchi. "Underperformance, Benchmarking and Business Turnaround." Indian Journal of Management Science. 2.2September 2012: 1-14
Kwasky, Andrea, and Carla Groh. "Vitamin D and Depression: Is There a Relationship in Young Women?." Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. 18.4 (2012): 236-243
Lancucki, Lukasz, Shulamith Schlick, Marek Danilczuk, Frank Coms, and Krzysztof Kruczala. "Sulfonated Poly(benzoyl paraphenylene) as a Membrane for PEM FC: Thermal and Chemical Stability." Polymer Degradation and Stability. 98.1 (2013): 3-11
Lin, Lu, Marek Danilczuk, and Shulamith Schlick. "ESR Study of Chemical Reactions and Crossover Processes in a Fuel Cell: Effect of Membrane Thickness." Journal of Power Sources. 233 (2013): 98-103
LongBenton, A'Kena. "Survival via Creative Writing: Remembering the Power of Story." eMichigan English Teacher. Toby Kahn-Loftus. 23 September 2012: 4
LongBenton, A'Kena. "Web 2.0 Teaching and Learning Tools." Michigan Council of Women in Technology eNEWS. Kathleen Howell. 13 November 2012
McClelland, Molly, and Kathleen Huttlinger. "Metaphors of the Adult Asthma Experience in a Suburban Area.." Journal of Asthma and Allergy Educators. 25 June 2012
McClelland, Molly, MaryAnne McCoy, and Roseanne Burson. "Clinical Nurse Specialists: Then, Now & the Future of the Profession." Clinical Nurse Specialist Journals. 27.2March/April 2013: 96-102
Pardo, Y., C. Weisfeld, E. Hill, and R.B. Slatcher. "Machismo and Marital Satisfaction in Mexican American Couples." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 8 May 2012
Platt, Maia, and Andrea Kwasky. "The Current State of Health Economics Education in Nursing Programs in the United States." Academy of Health Care Management Journal. Shawn M. Carraher. 8.2 (2012): 95-106
Presbey, Gail. "“Bâtir une «Culture Nationale» Interethnique et Intergénérationnelle au Kenya”/ “Attempts to Create ‘National Culture’ Including Inter-ethnic and Inter-generational Community in Kenya,”." Diogène/Diogenes: Revue Internationale des Sciences Humaines. 59.235-36 (2011): 62-80
Principe, Kristine E., and Joseph Eisenhauer. "Fulfilling Our Mission: Integrating Catholic Social Teaching into the Core Business Curriculum." Journal of Jesuit Business Education. 3.1Summer 2012: 75-99
Schlick, Shulamith. "Research Corporation, Letter to the Editor." Chemical and Engineering News. (2012)
Spulber, Mariana, Shulamith Schlick, and Frederick .A. Villamena. "Guest Inclusion in Cucurbiturils Studied by ESR and DFT: The Case of Nitroxide Radicals and Spin Adducts of DMPO and MNP." The Journal of Physical Chemistry. 116.33 (2012): 8475-8483
Tanaka, Takako Imai, and Shin-Mey Rose Y. Geist. "Dermatomyositis: A Contemporary Review for Oral Health Care Providers." Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontology. 114.5 (2012): e1-e8
Tracy-Bee, Mary. "Implementing the Carnegie Report Recommendation for Individualization in the Anatomy Curriculum." Medical Science Educator. Peter deJong. 22.4October 2012: 210
Ulferts, Gregory W., and Terry L. Howard. "Transforming Business and Society: The Impact of IT." International Journal of Management & Information Systems. 16.4 (2012): 345-347
Ventimiglia, Maria, and Douglas A. MacDonald. "An Examination of the Factorial Dimensionality of the Marlow Crowne Social Desirability Scale." Personality and Individual Differences. 52.4 (2012): 487-491
Weekes, Carmon V.. "African Americans and Health Literacy: A Systematic Review." ABNF (Association of Black Nursing Faculty). Dr. Gloria McNeal. 23.4Fall 2012: 76-80
Wu, Tsu-Yin, Diane Porretta Fox, Carmen Stokes, and Cynthia Adam. "Work Related Stress and Intention to Quit in Newly Graduated Nurses." Nurse Education Today. 32.6 (2012): 669-674
Xu, Min, Junhua Jia, and Suk Hi Kim. "A Survey of Case Studies Used in Core Finance Courses for MBA Students." Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice. 12.3 (2012): 60-65
Yang, Fang, Lun Mo, and Burak Dolar. "Early Career Interest Development in Accounting: The Effect of Race after Controlling Math Performance and Gender." Accounting and Finance Research. 1.2 (2012): 59-65
Zeff, Lawrence E., and Mary A. Higby. "Transition Stages of Clashing Cultures: A Case Study." Journal of Business Management and Change. 7.1 (2012): 7-24
Zeff, Lawrence E., Mary A. Higby, and Robert A. Page. "Blockbuster - A Business Model from Long, Long Ago: How to Maintain Focus and Lose the Star War." Business Research Yearbook. 19.2 (2012): 520-527
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