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Aksu, Mert. "UDM’s New Campus: A Closer Look." Journal of the Michigan Dental Association. 89.4April 2007: 38-42
Andrews, Nancy, and John Molinari. "Hepatitis B Transmission Between Dental Patients." Journal of Practical Hygiene. May 2007
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Boats, Jeffrey, Lazaros Kikas, and John Oleksik. "An Algorithm for Finding Disjoint Paths in the Alternating Group Graph." Congressus Numerantium. 181 (2006): 97-109
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "The North Korean Humans Rights Act of 2004: More Rhetoric or a New U.S. Policy Statement?." North Korean Review. 2Fall 2006
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "Is North Korea Surrendering Juche for Direct Foreign Investment." North Korean Review. 2Fall 2007
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "The Reality of the Eastern Business Mind." International Trade Journal. 21.3Fall 2007
Boettcher, Jacques G.. "The New Copyright Piracy in the Pacific Rim." Journal of Midwest International Business Research. XX (2006)
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Bryce, Michael. "ADR Education from a Litigator/Educator Perspective." St. John's Law Review. 81.1Winter 2007
Calley, Nancy G., and S.M. Coddington. "Development of Student Counselor Authenticity." The Awareness Journal. October 2006
Calley, Nancy G.. "Integrating Theory and Research: The Development of a Research-Based Treatment Program for Juvenile Male Sex Offenders." Journal of Counseling and Development. 87Spring 2007: 131-142
Calley, Nancy G.. "Promoting an Outcomes-Based Treatment Milieu for Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Guided Approach to Assessment." Journal of Mental Health Counseling. April 2007: 121-143
Crabtree, Claire. "At the Peasant Museum, Bucharest." Innisfree Poetry Journal. March 2007
Crabtree, Claire. "Primordial." Innisfree Poetry Journal. March 2007
Crabtree, Claire. "Thorn, Needle." So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art. 17.1Winter/Spring 2008: 14
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Finkenbine, Roy. "Belinda's Petition: Reparations for Slavery in Revolutionary Massachusetts." William and Mary Quarterly. 64January 2007
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Freeman, John. "Engine Nearing Perfection? and Steorn-Power, UnLtd." CTheory. 29 March 2007
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Harte, Jennifer, and John Molinari. "Instrument Cassettes for Office Safety and Infection Control." Compendium. 28.11November 2007: 596-601
Hill-Vasquez, Heather. "Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, Hoccleve’s Arguing Women and Lydgate’s Hertford Wives: Lay Interpretation and the Figure of the Spinning Woman in Late Medieval England." Florilegium. 23.2November 2007: 169-195
Hillenburg, K.L., R. Cederberg, S. Gray, C. Hurst, G. Johnson, and B. Potter. "E-Learning and the Future of Dental Education: Opinions of Administrators and Information Technology Specialists." European Journal of Dental Education. 10.3August 2006: 169-177
Kelly, R.S.M, Mary. "A Collaborative Formation Program for Sponsors." Health Program. 88.1January-February 2007: 16-21, 67
Kim, Suk. "Which Country Will Be the World Economic Leader in the Next Generation: The United States or China? And the North Korean Factor." AIB Insights. 7.2 (2007): 12-16
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Mead, Nancy R., and Dan Shoemaker. "Justifying IT Investment: Why CIOs Have to Know Strategy." Cutter Magazine. Cutter Consortium, March 2007
Mead, Nancy, Daniel Shoemaker, and Jeffrey A. Ingalsbe. "Integrating Software Assurance Knowledge into Conventional Curricula." Crosstalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. January 2008
Mead, Nancy, Daniel Shoemaker, and Antonio Drommi. "Maintaining IT’s Corporate Impact Through a Governance Framework." Cutter IT Journal. 20.7July 2007: 29-33
Mead, Nancy, and Dan Shoemaker. "Producing Alignment-Savvy CIO’s." Cutter IT Journal. 20.7February 2007: 29-33
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Molinari, John. "A Shot of Protection." Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. 6.1January 2008: 20, 22, 24
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Ojha, Junu, J.O. Akers, A.M Hassanein, N.M. Islam, D.M. Cohen, and I. Bhattacharyya. "Intraoral Cellular Blue Nevus: Report of a Unique Histopathologic Entity and Review of the Literature." Cutis. 80.3September 2007: 189-192
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Pangrazio-Kulbersh,V., J.L. Berger, F.N. Janisse, and Burcu Bayirli. "Long-Term Stability of Class III Treatment: Rapid Palatal Expansion and Protraction Facemask vs. LeFort I Maxillary Advancement Osteotomy." American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics. 131.1January 2007: 7e, 9-19
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Thomas, Patricia. "Michigan Governor Takes Decisive Steps to Address the Nursing Shortage." June 2007
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Zeff, Lawrence, and Mary A. Higby. "Successful Strategic Implementation - Cherokee Legend Tells the Tale." Journal of Business Management and Change. 1.1: 41-45
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