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Title: Amos G. Beman

Speaker or author: Beman, Amos Gerry, 1812-1874

Newspaper or publication: Emancipator

Excerpt of a speech delivered before the Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut and published in the Emancipator newspaper. The newspaper notes that: "Mr. B. endeavors successfully, in his address, to show, that the colored race may be elevated in this country, in respect to property, intelligence, and moral worth; which he declares are the elements of true happiness and prosperity. Having concluded his argument, he makes an eloquent and earnest appeal to his hearers, to inspire them with resolution to overcome the obstacles in the way of their elevation." (Includes MP3 audio file.)

Description of file(s): PDF 3 page, 657 word document (text and images)

Date published: 1839-08-01

Subjects: Abolitionists--United States; African American abolitionists; Antislavery movements--United States; Slavery; Slaves--Emancipation--United States; United States--History--19th century

Keywords: audio; emancipation; West Indies

Organization: Colored Congregational Church of New Haven, Connecticut

Publication type: Newspapers; Speeches

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