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SafetyLit (short for safety literature) is a free database service of the SafetyLit Foundation in cooperation with San Diego State University and the World Health Organization. The SafetyLit site contains no advertising. SafetyLit is operated entirely by volunteers throughout the world. The database contains more than 500,000 records and draws content from more than 16,000 professional journals of 30+ distinct professional disciplines.


SAGE Journals Online

Sage Journals Online includes all Sage journal publications available through Detroit Mercy's license. Searching by discipline and subject yields lists of all relevant journals.


Sanborn Insurance Maps

Sanborn® fire insurance maps are detailed property and land-use records covering more than 12,000 U.S.towns and cities. Founded in 1867 by D. A. Sanborn, the Sanborn Map Company was the primary American publisher of fire maps for over 100 years, repeatedly mapping towns and cities as they changed.

The maps provide a wealth of information, such as building outline, size and shape, construction materials, height, building use, windows and doors, street and sidewalk widths, boundaries, house numbers, and more. The plans often include information and shading for steel beams or reinforced walls, plus symbols for stables, garages, warehouses, etc.

Factories are labeled with the owner's name, as well as the products manufactured there. In large industrial and commercial buildings, even individual rooms and their uses are recorded. Also depicted are pipelines, railroads, wells, water mains, dumps, and heavy machinery likely to affect the property's vulnerability to earthquake, fire, and flood.

UDM has access to Michigan maps.


Science Direct

Provides full-text of over 2,400 journals published by Elsevier and its subsidiaries. Beginning coverage for journals varies, but most start in 1995 or 1996 and continue to the most recent issue. For many titles, articles in press are also available. Most journals are in the fields of science, technology or medicine, but journals in the social sciences, humanities and business are also included. The title holdings listed in "UDM Full Text Journals A-to-Z" show the start date for journals included in the Science Direct Freedom Collection; for most dates prior to 1995, only abstracts are available.


Science Magazine

Science Magazine is the flagship journal of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. This listing provides access to the full text of the past ten years of the journal. Earlier issues, back to Volume 1, Issue 1, are available in the JSTOR database at

SHOW/HIDE DATABASE DETAILS searches over 45 databases and over 2000 selected websites from 14 federal agencies, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information including research and development results. is governed by the interagency Alliance


SciFinder Scholar (ACS)

SciFinder ScholarTM is a research discovery tool that allows college students and faculty to access a wide diversity of research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, material science, agricultural science, and more! 

With one single source, you can explore scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world:

references from nearly 9,500 currently published journals and patents from more than 50 active patent issuing authorities

important scientific discoveries from the present to the mid-1800s

the latest scientific breakthroughs almost as soon as they are published with references added daily and some patent information as recent as two days ago

the world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information 

Inquire at the Research and Information Desk for additional information on accessing SciFinder.


SCIPIO: Art and Rare Book Sales Catalogs (OCLC)

SCIPIO is a joint project of 25 different fine arts organizations, combining their art catalog collections. Auction catalogs focus on rare books and artwork.


Security Management Practices

Faulkner's Security Management Practices is a monthly information service devoted to establishing best practices for secure operations across an entire organization: facility security, IT and network security, employee security, and regulatory issues.


Small Business Collection (Gale)

Perfect for business schools and entrepreneurs, this compilation provides insights, tips, strategies and success stories. Users will find 130 subject-appropriate full-text periodicals.


Small Business Resource Center

Search this database to learn how to start, finance or manage your small business. Resources include sample business plans, how to guides, articles and websites.


Social Services Abstracts (ProQuest)

CSA Social Services Abstracts provides bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community development. The database abstracts and indexes over 1,300+ serials publications and includes abstracts of journal articles and dissertations, and citations to book reviews 1979-date, currently the database contains over112,000 records, with about 5,500 added annually.

Subjects covered include: community and mental health services, crisis intervention. family and social welfare, gerontology, poverty and homelessness, professional issues in social work, social and health policy, social services in addiction, social work education, social work practice, support groups/networks, violence, abuse, neglect, and  welfare services


Sociological Abstracts (ProQuest)

 CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Records published by Sociological Abstracts in print during the database's first 11 years, 1952-1962, have been added to the database as of November 2005, extending the depth of the backfile of this authoritative resource.

Many records from key journals in sociology, added to the database since 2002, also include the references cited in the bibliography of the source article. Each individual reference may also have links to an abstract and/or to other papers that cite that reference; these links increase the possibility of finding more potentially relevant articles. These references are linked both within Sociological Abstracts and across other social science databases available on CSA Illumina.


Sociology Collection (SAGE Full Text Collection)

Sociology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection includes the full-text of 36 journals published by SAGE and participating societies, some journals going back 50 years, encompassing over 12,700 articles. It covers such subjects as Childhood, Contemporary Sociology, Comparative Sociology, Consumer Culture, Classical Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Leisure Studies, Social Theory, Sociology of Sport, and Sociology of Work and Employment (Labor Studies). The searchable database consists of bibliographic records (indexed summaries or abstracts) as well as the complete text of each journal article.

Other journals not in the collection, but published by Sage, can be selected and searched along with the Sociology titles.


Statistical Abstract of the United States (ProQuest)

Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878, The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the world. You’ll find it behind nearly every reference desk in U.S. libraries as the authoritative go-to source. Librarians value the Statistical Abstract as both an answer book (“How much corn is grown in Iowa?”) and a guide to statistical sources (“What organization has the most authoritative data on foreclosures?”). As a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States, it is a snapshot of America and its people.

In the spring of 2011, the Census Bureau announced that the edition that year would be the last one produced at government expense. Despite protests from librarians and journalists and despite petitions to Congress, the Census Bureau unit that published the Statistical Abstract was eliminated in November. Its elimination resulted not from a decline in popularity or perceived value, but from the need to reduce agency spending while supporting new and existing data collection efforts.



Symptom Media

Symptom Media is an online mental health education and training film library available via subscription streaming. Symptom Media’s library of over 300 mental health simulations including a DSM 5 and ICD Guided Film Collection and Assessment Tools provide viewers with training tools critical for symptom recognition. These innovative films offer visual guideposts to better understand what a particular mental health diagnosis looks like and decreases the stigma for those facing psychological issues. Ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, the films are currently integrated into training courses, individual and group therapy sessions, lectures, and other educational formats across the country.


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