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Education Research Guides

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels are taking schools by storm.  Click here to find links to information about graphic novels.

Michigan Certification Information

Electronic Textbooks

Catholic Church and Education

Catholic Church and Education

Find books and websites on the Catholic Church and K-12 education.

Last update: 04-20-2008

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

The resources in this list include books, videos/DVDs, and websites on classroom management.

Last update: 06-21-2011

Children's Literature

Children's Literature

The following bibliography includes books, CD-ROMs, and websites concerning the topic of children's literature.

Last update: 03-26-2013

Caldecott Award Winner

This bibliography lists all Caldecott Award Winners in descending order. The year of the award is one year later than the copyright date. The annotations were provided by Mary Skorupski for a directed study on children's literature.

Last update: 03-26-2013

Coretta Scott King Award Winners

This bibliography lists all Coretta Scott King Award Winners in descending order. The year of the award is one year later than the copyright date

Last update: 03-26-2013

Newbery Award Winners

This bibliography lists all Newbery Award Winners in descending order. The year of the award is one year later than the copyright date.

Last update: 03-26-2013

Code of Ethics of the Education Profession

Code of Ethics of the Education Profession

Last update: 09-17-2009

Curriculum Planning

Subject Headings for Research on Active Learning

Active Learning

This list contains books, videos/DVDs, and websites pertaining to Active Learning.

Last review: 07-16-2012


The following websites are pertinent to the field of Education.

Last update: 08-27-2013

Teaching with Primary Sources--the American Memory from the Library of Congress

Teachers may use primary materials from the Library of Congress. "The site's Teaching Materials database helps educators quickly find and use primary sources related to specific curriculum standards in all subject areas." Includes audio, images. and text.

Last update: 09-04-2007

Dropout Rates

Dropout Rates

Find information on the Rates in Michigan for Cohort Graduation and Dropout Reports.

Last update: 08-27-2013

Education Policies


Find websites on Educational policies.

Last update: 09-04-2007

English as a Second Language


Find websites for teaching English as a second language.

Last update: 07-18-2008

Evidence Based Research in Education



Find information from the Michigan Department of Education on K-8 GLCEs.

Last update: 03-18-2009

Graphic Organizers

Websites to Graphic Organizers

Last update: 10-03-2009



Last update: 10-22-2009

Job Postings for Teachers


Last update: 05-12-2009

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans on the WEB

This bibliography includes qualitative websites that contain K-12 lesson plans on various subjects.

Last update: 09-04-2007

Special Education

Autism and Asperger's Syndrome Websites

Find websites for autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

Last update: 10-31-2008

No Child Left Behind

The Law, presidential commentary, state policies and more on No Child Left Behind can be found here.

Last update: 09-04-2007

Special Education

Find information on laws, lesson plans, and other information for special education. (revised 2006)

Last update: 09-04-2007

Teaching Mathematics

Teaching Mathematics

The following websites on mathematics provide assistance and lesson plans for K-12 educators.

Last update: 01-10-2009

Teaching Science

EDU 441 Science Methods Websites

The following websites are from Dr. L. MacDonald's science methods class.

Last update: 10-27-2008

Teaching the Sciences

The following are websites to aid teachers with the sciences. They are also safe sites for children.

Last update: 05-23-2011

Inquiry-based Science Education

This list contains books and websites pertaining to inquiry-based science education for K-12.

Last update: 10-01-2007

Science Fair Projects

The following websites have projects for Science Fairs.

Last update: 11-13-2007

Technology in the Classroom


Find websites or articles on using technology in a classroom. 2006

Last update: 08-29-2011

YouTube Instructional Videos

Find videos pertaining to Education.

Last update: 06-02-2011

Websites for Children

Websites for Children

The following websites are all "safe" sites for children. You may want to use them in your classrooms.

Last update: 06-21-2011

Electronic 6-12 Science Textbooks

There are five Holt electronic secondary textbooks for the following topics: biology, chemistry, physical science, earth science, and health. There are two electronic middle school textbooks for the following topics: health and life science.

Last update: 09-04-2007

Graphic Novels

Find websites to teaching with graphic novels.

Last update: 03-18-2013

Teaching Social Studies

Free Education Apps

Find free education apps for the iPhone or the iPad.

Last update: 05-25-2012

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