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Career + Professional

AccountingKarl A. Ericson

Accounting Associations
(313) 993-1120

Addiction StudiesKarl A. Ericson

Addiction Studies Organizations And Associations
(313) 993-1120

African-American StudiesKarl A. Ericson

African American Professional Associations
(313) 993-1120

BiochemistryCindy Gillham

Professional Organizations in Biochemistry

BiologyCindy Gillham

Professional Associations for Biology

BusinessJill A. Turner

Professional Associations
(313) 494-6903 / (313) 993-1157

Catholic StudiesJulia L. Eisenstein

Catholics on the Web
(313) 578-0576

Chemical EngineeringCindy Gillham

Professional Organizations for Chemical Engineering

ChemistryCindy Gillham

Professional Organizations in Chemistry

Civil EngineeringJill Werdell Spreitzer

Civil Engineering Associations, Professional Licensure and Certification
(313) 993-1221

Communication StudiesJill Werdell Spreitzer

Professional Communication Societies and Associations,
(313) 993-1221

Computer Information SystemsJennifer Bowen

CIS Associations
(313) 494-6904

CounselingJulia L. Eisenstein

Counseling Organizations And Associations
(313) 578-0576

Criminal JusticeSue Homant

Criminal Justice Organizations and Associations
(313) 993-1077

Decision ScienceJulia L. Eisenstein

Decision Science Associations
(313) 578-0576

Dental HygieneMarilyn Dow

Professional Associations for Dental Hygienists, Career Resources for Dental Hygienists
(313) 494-6905

DentistryMarilyn Dow

Professional Associations for Dentists, Career resources, Post grad dental education
(313) 494-6905

Digital Media StudiesJill Werdell Spreitzer

Digital Media Associations
(313) 993-1221

Diversity StudiesKarl A. Ericson

Professional Associations, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, PACIFIC ISLANDS and ABORIGINES, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, African American People : on the Library home portal page SEE: "Resources by Discipline": AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES, AGING
(313) 993-1120

EconomicsMarilyn Dow

Economics Organizations and Associations, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, Economic Research and Statistics Websites
(313) 494-6905

EducationSue Homant

Professional Associations for the Field of Education, Principal and Leadership Associations, Reading Associations, Teaching Science Associations, Special Education, More ...
(313) 993-1077

Electrical EngineeringJennifer Bowen

Professional organizations in Electrical Engineering, Trade Associations
(313) 494-6904

Environmental EngineeringJill Werdell Spreitzer

Professional Organizations -- Environmental Engineering, Professional Certification and Licensure
(313) 993-1221

EthicsCindy Gillham

Ethics Associations and Societies

FinanceJennifer Bowen

Finance Associations
(313) 494-6904

Health Care EducationJill A. Turner

Professional Associations
(313) 494-6903 / (313) 993-1157

Health Information ManagementJennifer Bowen

Health Information Careers
(313) 494-6904

Health Services AdministrationJill Werdell Spreitzer

Professional Associations for Health Services Administration,
(313) 993-1221

Health Systems ManagementJill A. Turner

Professional Associations for Health Systems Management, Career Resources for Health Systems Management
(313) 494-6903 / (313) 993-1157

HistoryCindy Gillham

Professional Organizations in History

Intelligence AnalysisSue Homant

Intelligence Analysis
(313) 993-1077

Language & CultureCindy Gillham

Language & Culture Associations

Legal Administration & Legal AssistantMarilyn Dow

Web resources
(313) 494-6905

ManagementSue Homant

Management Associations
(313) 993-1077

MarketingMarilyn Dow

Marketing Associations
(313) 494-6905

Mechanical EngineeringJill Werdell Spreitzer

Professional Engineering Associations-- Mechanical Engineering, Licensure and Certification
(313) 993-1221

Nursing | FNP | Nurse AnesthesiaJill A. Turner

Professional Associations for Nurses, Career Resources for Nurses
(313) 494-6903 / (313) 993-1157

PhilosophyCindy Gillham

Professional Philosophy Societies and Associations

Physician AssistantJill A. Turner

Professional Associations for Physician Assistants, Career Resources for Physician Assistants
(313) 494-6903 / (313) 993-1157

PhysicsCindy Gillham

Professional Associations in Physics

Political ScienceMarilyn Dow

Political Science Associations, Career Resources, Books
(313) 494-6905

Product DevelopmentJill Werdell Spreitzer

Professional Associations-- Product Development
(313) 993-1221

Religious StudiesJulia L. Eisenstein

Religious Studies Associations
(313) 578-0576

Social JusticeKris McLonis

Social Justice Associations and Organizations
(313) 578-0457

Social WorkKarl A. Ericson

Social Work Organizations and Associations
(313) 993-1120

SociologyKarl A. Ericson

Sociological Associations
(313) 993-1120

Sustainable CommunitiesSandra H. Wilson

Sustainable Communities Associations and Organizations,
(313) 578-0577

TheaterJennifer Bowen

Professional Organizations & Associations
(313) 494-6904

Women's & Gender StudiesKarl A. Ericson

Professional Associations, Gender Studies, Global Feminism, History (Her story), , More ...
(313) 993-1120

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