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Course textbooks

1. To find out which textbooks are used in your course, contact your department Chair. 

2. A copy of your textbook(s) for instructor’s use is typically made available by most publishers at no charge. It is often called “Desk copy”, or “Evaluation copy”. Locate the publisher’s information in your textbook, then locate the publisher’s website to find out the process they use for processing instructors’ requests for desk copies. Some publishers provide an online form for you to fill out, or direct instructors to contact their representative (representatives are typically organized by geographic areas or by subject). Please note: desk copies cannot be sold or donated to the library.

Useful tip: many textbooks now come with supplemental resources available for the instructors: PPT lecture slides, test banks, instructor manuals, etc. Make sure to check your publisher’s website for this information or ask your representative.

3. The bookstores in all three campuses (McNichols, Corktown, and Riverfront) need to be officially notified which textbooks to stock for your course. This should be done as much in advance as possible, to help ensure that your students have the most access to affordable options. Early adoption fuels the bookstore’s Cash for Books, rental and used textbook programs. When they receive textbook adoption requests...

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