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Goals & Objectives

The McNichols Campus Library, the Instructional Design Studio, and the School of Dentistry Library are vital instructional and informational sources for the academic community.

Resources are selected and services developed primarily to support the diverse academic and student-related research functions of the University. The Libraries/IDS serve as information sources for the University's faculty, staff, and administrators, DALNET member libraries, and the general population. In addition, the Instructional Design Studio provides assistance to faculty members in the use of technology for instruction, is responsible for the University's online course-management server, and is responsible for the Libraries/IDS online portal.

It is the responsibility of the libraries' personnel to educate student and faculty in the skills necessary to conduct library research and skills for books and journal selections. It is the responsibility of the Instructional Design Studio to assist faculty membes with online course needs and to manage the Libraries/IDS online portal.


To provide library and instructional design services, user education, and technologies that fulfill the needs of the primary users.

To select and acquire collections which reflect present and future needs and serve both the curriculum-related research and general information needs of the primary users.

To provide easy access to collections owned by the libraries and to collections owned by other institutions or agencies.

To provide physical facilities with environments that are conducive to learning and sufficient for expanding collections and technological advancement.

To maintain a sound management system that will ensure effective operating, policy, and planning decisions.

To maintain appropriate levels of funding for library and instructional design programs and resources.

To maintain physical resources and personnel that are in accordance with national standards for University libraries.

To uphold the philosophy stated in the Library Bill of Rights and Michigan Statutes which protects the users' right to privacy.


To acquire and make accessible all formats of student-related and faculty resources necessary to support and strengthen teaching, learning, and research.

To address the kind, quantity, and quality of print and IDS equipment and facilities required to properly support instruction in the classroom and throughout the University.

To maintain a proactive research skills education program that addresses student's general library skills and subject-specific needs.

To develop and maintain a strong communication program with faculty to assist in the selection and evaluation of teaching and student-related research materials.

To provide access to print, media, and online resources through continuously developing and maintaining an enduring bibliographic catalog according to accepted professional national and consortium standards and practices.

To improve access to resources by negotiating cooperative borrowing agreements with multiple types of libraries, both locally and nationally.

To enhance access to library resources through developing online databases, other electronic formats, and/or document delivery.

To develop and promote access to new technologies as appropriate in support of instruction and to expand University entrepreneurial opportunities.

To develop and promote delivery of University-created materials and programs between and beyond the campuses via new technologies.

To provide sound collection management and preservation systems that support ease of access to resources for student and faculty.

To provide proper physical facilities for patrons in accordance with Americans with Disabiltiies Act standards.

To improve operational efficiency by addresssing the physical facilities and space needs of the Libraries and Instructional Design Studio.

To maintain a sound management system through the development and review of policies, procedures, short and long term plans.

To implement an effective publications and public relations program for the Libraries and instructional Design Studio.

To maintain and external development program of grants and gifts.

To select, hire, motivate, develop, evaluate, and retain personnel of high potential and performance.

To train employees to understand and uphold the Library Bill of Rights and the Michigan Statute on the user's right to privacy.

To foster and monitor librarians compliance to the American Library Association Statement on Professional Ethics.

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